Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DIY stores will open on Sundays – The World

DIY stores will open on Sundays – The World

end of 2012, to reply to Workers Power that the assigned court against the opening of stores Bricorama, Jean-Claude Bourrelier the DIY chain's CEO had, in turn, assigned its competitors for illegal opening .

This time it’s final. The State Council authorized the opening of DIY stores on Sunday, in a ruling Tuesday, February 24 that ends the procedure.

The institution announced that “rejected the appeals lodged several unions against two decrees “ allowing stores to DIY products retail to waive the rule of Sunday rest. Various unions and federations of Workers Power and SUD had requested the cancellation “ultra vires” of one of these decrees.

But the Council of State considered that the two decrees “meet the conditions of procedural and substantive to which any such derogation is subject to Sunday rest” .

“In its decision Tuesday, the Council State ruled definitively on these cases and dismissed the appeals against the two decrees. “


These two decrees dated respectively 30 December 2013 and 7 March 2014. The first, which had added the businesses in this sector to the list of establishments which may, provisionally, open on Sundays, had been suspended by a judge of the State Council. He felt that “was a serious doubt ” on its legality.

After this setback, the government, anxious to put order in the bush exceptions, had promised a new text to replace the one that had been canceled. Despite the suspension of the decree, the stores had continued to open Sunday. A month later, the Ministry of Labour issued a second decree authorizing them, this time with no time limit

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