Saturday, February 21, 2015

Holland in the Salon de l’Agriculture: A spokesman of … –

Holland in the Salon de l'Agriculture: A spokesman of … –

Surrounded by a swarm of reporters and poles, and held off by a cordon of bodyguards, Francois Hollande was at the center of an important safety device, Saturday at the Agricultural Show. Sign that never fails a security on the teeth, the spokesperson of the Peasant Confederation minority farmers’ union, was violently expelled from the delegation.

“It was the victim of confusion, there is no problem, “said Francois Hollande told AFP. The president apologized to the person concerned. Pinatel incident closed for Laurent, who, however, had this comment: “We talked (Friday) intensive farms Obviously that speech is disturbing..” The union interviewed by BFM TV:

The Peasant Confederation on Friday issued a map showing that there 24 projects “factory farms” and 5 structures Actual

Read about the subject. 29 project “factory farms” in France

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Saturday, February 21, 2015


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