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Levallois-Perret: parliamentary immunity lifted demand for … – Le Parisien

Levallois-Perret: parliamentary immunity lifted demand for … – Le Parisien

19 Febr. 2015, 24:23 | Updated: Feb 19. 2015 24:48

In this survey, the judges suspect Balkany including torque to own without the knowledge of the French tax authorities two villas, one in St. Martin in the Caribbean, one in Marrakech. Regarding the first, the wife of Patrick Balkany, Isabelle, had confirmed to investigators that she was “the ultimate company assignee of” property owner. First deputy mayor of Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), Isabelle Balkany had been in late May 2014 examination for tax evasion laundering. She was ordered to pay a bail of one million euros.

In a request sent last week to the financial national prosecutors, investigating judges Renaud van Ruymbeke and Patricia Simon asked lifting parliamentary immunity in order to impose a judicial review of the election. After the national financial prosecutor, the request will have to go through the public prosecutor of Paris and by the Chancellery before arriving in Parliament where the office of the National Assembly will decide whether to lift the immunity.

A villa owned by an offshore company

According to Le Monde, the judges have since January 8, an important witness. Jean-Pierre Aubry, right arm Patrick Balkany, presented their bearer shares of the offshore company Haydridge which he was officially the holder far. This is what financial vehicle that has the luxurious villa Dar Gyucy in Marrakech. For judges, Jean-Pierre Aubry served as nominee on behalf of the couple not to declare such property to the tax authorities.

As for Patrick Balkany, re-elected mayor in 2014, he was indicted Oct. 21, 2014 for tax evasion and money laundering for accepting bribes in another folder pane. According to Le Monde, the judges of Nanterre investigating how the chosen of Levallois has confused his personal interests and the municipal budget. Hence this, is December 4, 2013 by repression brigade of economic crime: “It appears that Patrick Balkany, when exercising his parliamentary duties, using the resources made available by the city of Levallois Perret (driver-vehicle use), which could raise a criminal offense. “In addition, from 2010 to 2013, the Thomas Cook agency Levallois-Perret would have received 87 367, 70 euros for Balkany, still in cash, for trips to the sun. What is prohibited.

VIDEO. Balkany: “When you have done nothing wrong, you feel good”

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