Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vote for Macron law: the government could push through – TF1

Vote for Macron law: the government could push through – TF1

tense atmosphere in the Assembly while the Macron bill must be voted on this afternoon. Voting looks very, very tight. “I do not dramatize. As I speak, the text does not. It would be a considerable weakening,” warned Prime Minister Manuel Valls at a meeting of the PS group in camera. According to the agenda of the Assembly, consideration of this bill will be held after the session of questions to the government programmed to 15h and 17h to an expected vote.

The vote looks so just a board of exceptional Ministers was held on Tuesday after 12:00 to 2:30 p.m.-just before the vote – or not – of the text, as revealed from 14 hours.

Using the 49.3?

Will the government decide to push through using article 49.3? Nothing is decided yet. “All options are open,” said the entourage of Manuel Valls. The use of Article 49-3 of the Constitution, which requires a green light from the Council of Ministers, allows the prime minister to liability on a law, and thus from adopting a text without a vote (without mention censorship).

Part of the Socialist Group is in fact opposed to this bill. The former minister Benoît Hamon said in part that he would vote against, “conscience.” Of the 18 members of the environmental group, “except last minute change”, 14 should vote against and the other to abstain on the bill for the growth, activity and equal economic opportunities brought by the Minister of Economy, said that elected Loire-Atlantique AFP. IDU side, a narrow majority of 30 MPs will abstain or vote on Tuesday to the draft law Macron, according to a tally of their president, Philippe Vigier. A UMP members will vote against the draft law Macron “97-98%,” said their president Christian Jacob, who bears the text “no action” for growth. Members of the Left Front have confirmed to them that they would vote against the draft law Macron a “very liberal text”, “archaic and backward” according to them.

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