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Bettencourt trial: the maximum penalty sought against Banier – Europe1

Bettencourt trial: the maximum penalty sought against Banier – Europe1

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After four weeks of debate, it is time to requisitions in the Bettencourt affair, which ten defendants appear for abuse of weakness. In the line of argument of Liliane Bettencourt’s lawyer Thursday, the prosecutor attacked virulently Banier. This photographer is prosecuted for abuse of weakness and laundering. Main protagonist of the case, it is believed to have benefited from the largesse of the billionaire, particularly in the form of monetary donations and works of art. Largesse running into hundreds of millions of euros

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From the media “instrumentalized” . In the introduction to his indictment, the prosecutor Gerard Aldigé recalled the independence of the judiciary in managing this case. One way to denounce the way the work of some journalists, “instrumentalized” according to the prosecutor of Bordeaux, who does not hesitate to cite the chained duck, the world, the Point or Mediapart.

Banier, a “sycophant who spends polishing brush.” ​​ This is then Banier who took for his rank. The prosecutor returned to the many gifts of his former billionaire confidante and friend since the 1990s, well before the old lady loses his capacity for discernment, and be placed under guardianship. “She was covered in gold”, said the prosecutor, calling Banier of “sycophant who spends polishing brush, behaving like the fox in the fable of the Fountain.”

The Advocate General also recalls that Banier was aware of guardianship of Liliane Bettencourt in 2006. This did not deter him from accepting a donation of € 82 million from billionaire in 2007.

François-Marie Banier, “faux naive, pathetic liar, greed made man” faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and 375,000 euro fine.

Relax required to Eric Woerth and Stéphane Courbit. The deputy prosecutor demanded the release of UMP Eric Woerth, accused of “concealment” and audiovisual entrepreneur Stephane Courbit, tried for “abuse of weakness” , saying “insufficient” the charges against them.

The representative of the prosecution recalled that in June 2013, after the instruction component “abuse of weakness” of case Bettencourt, he had “requested a dismissal” for these two defendants, as well as the lawyer Pascal Wilhelm, the lawyer Patrice Bonduelle and Alain Thurin, a former nurse Liliane Bettencourt.

Follow the prosecution case in the company of our reporter Naomi Schulz from Bordeaux:


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