Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sarkozy’s campaign Agricultural Fair – Les Echos

Sarkozy's campaign Agricultural Fair – Les Echos

+ VIDEOS – The president of the UMP conducted Wednesday his “return” to the Agricultural Show. Reconquest operation during which he wanted to ask first opponent Francois Hollande


Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. “Who said you would not see me anymore? “ This is Nicolas Sarkozy in great shape who performed Wednesday’s return to the Agricultural Show – he had not gone since losing in 2012 – and fired the arrow to the attention of Francois Hollande. The latter, in his first Agricultural Show as president, launched a child wondering about the absence of Nicolas Sarkozy: “You’ll see the most! “ ” Another broken promise! “ Nicolas Sarkozy retorted, visibly happy of its effect. Happy, either, to ask and contrasting or opposing the first head of state when Marine Le Pen continues to dispute his status. Nicolas Sarkozy has also slipped he would soon make a trip to … Corrèze department chairman Francois Hollande before 2012 and may well switch back to the right at the departmental elections in late March.

With less than a month before the election, the visit of the UMP president had the scent of a reconquest operation with the agricultural and rural world. An electorate traditionally right but bangs would be more tempted by the sirens of the FN. An electorate, too, with which Nicolas Sarkozy, compared to his rivals for the primary right to 2017, lost ground. According to the latest barometer BVA net-Terre published on February 1, Alain Juppe has 69% of good opinions from farmers, Bruno Le Maire 68% and Nicolas Sarkozy by 42%.

The executive has” broken machine “

While the former head of state, who last week already spent a day in Saône-et-Loire dedicated to farmers, has spent Wednesday of three ingredients: listening, dialogue among different sectors, offensive speech on the executive and willingness to ignore the FN. Thus, he praised “excellence of our agriculture and the diversity of our territories” , criticized “excess standards” , spoken “sustainability and competitiveness of farms “, but, for now, to advance proposals.

Above all, he attacked the executive who has” broken machine “, especially with “40 billion tax more» , which penalize “SMEs, farmers, farmers’ , forgetting to pass its own tax increases at the end of five years. He scratched again, turning a question about the Russian embargo ( “In a year and a half, they have not solved the problem? ) or dropped a ” When Mrs. Royal is in charge of something, I worry. “

Feign ignorance vis-à-vis the FN

Distinguishing itself from its competitor Alain Juppe has warned farmers against the FN and denounced, in a long note blog, “imposture” of the extreme right party, Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to adopt a different strategy: feign ignorance. Which, by the way, can avoid offending voters FN he wants it back. “I’m not here to talk about the FN. I’m here to talk about agriculture and farmers , he launched. The FN does not interest me, what interests me is to provide solutions to a rural life that does not die “.

Going to refuse to pronounce the name of Marine Le Pen. “This lady, I do not want to talk about it. It is a symptom, not the solution “. Not sure that this is enough to stop its rise.


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