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Macron Act, despite the “test”, Valls de jure “reform without … – Les Echos

Macron Act, despite the "test", Valls de jure "reform without … – Les Echos

Prime Minister yesterday crossed the hurdle of the motion of censure. The use of 49-3 for the Macron law should leave traces left.

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This time it’s done. Emmanuel Macron may show the press that he had mistakenly sent Tuesday to welcome the adoption by Parliament of the bill “for growth, activity and equal economic opportunities” . The text was automatically approved yesterday in the first reading by the Assembly, without a vote, with the rejection of the motion of censure tabled by the right in the wake of recourse to 49-3. While he had 289 votes (an absolute majority) to bring down the government, the motion of censure has obtained 234

Environmentalists (except a related ) and the slingers PS, many chose not to attend the session, were unsurprisingly refused to mingle their voices to those of the UMP, UDI (7 of 30 did not vote censorship) , the National Front and half the deputies Left Front.

Manuel Valls was based on this result for granted in an attempt to sit its legitimacy. “There is no majority alternative” , he ruled, ensuring that the “test” Parliamentary gives him “the energy act “ and swearing that nothing will stop ” the movement of reform “. “We will continue tirelessly to reform with all the means that the Constitution. Unabated, we will continue to move forward “, has he hammered, citing health law, modernization of social dialogue, digital, justice or ” fight against ghettos “. “The result is before us” , he said, while doubt is hard on the government’s ability to make reforms. As usual, the prime minister wanted offensive. “What we do is a force and unprecedented” , he pleaded, praising his “economic coherence” when the growth resumes (a he said) and bowing “action and modernity” Emmanuel Macron.

The “authority” leitmotiv Prime Minister

The word “authority” is a recurring theme in his speech. Way for him to “cling to his personality the Republican firmness qualifiers, reformist tenacity, the Socialist XXI th century” said a relative of the president.

But the head of government also came under heavy fire from critics. Against its policy. But also against his person. François Hollande calling for “refer members to their constituents’ , the president of the UMP, Christian Jacob, mocked ” a new stage in the weakening “ a Prime Minister “every day is cut more of its troops” and has the “obsession to last to build his personal image” . “You stand over the handle! You do not fly! “, he attacked. “The five-year term was arrested Tuesday at 16 h 25″ , added the leader of the UDI deputies, Philippe Vigier. André Chassaigne the Communist himself has come to make this “destructive program” “turns back to the values ​​of the left” .

Yesterday’s vote is far from closing the debate. Because Macron law has not finished his legislative process: it must still be considered by the Senate in April, after the county council elections. Because the executive can no longer use, by the end of the parliamentary session, the weapon of 49-3 on another text. And because this episode – “not terrible” to the left, do you admit the top of the state – will leave traces. Manuel Valls is more than ever expected to turn. With a first test next week: High Mass at Matignon Wednesday on the reform of social dialogue.

Pierre-Alain Furbury, Les Echos

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