Solar Eclipse, illustration.
Solar Eclipse, illustration. – JEREMY DUPLAQUET / SIPA

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The sun has a rendezvous with the Moon and it could have an effect on our electrical system. The partial solar eclipse of March 20 will test the European electricity system by significantly reducing photovoltaic production, warned a study published Monday by the industry.

“On March 20, under a sky clear, about 35,000 megawatts of solar power, the equivalent of 80 medium-sized production units will gradually disappear from the European power system to return gradually thereafter, “said the study by the European network of managers electricity transmission networks and gas (Entsoe).

“The risk of an incident can not completely be ruled out”

“The risk of an incident can not completely be ruled out, “said the authors, who point out that countries like Germany and Italy have a large number of solar units. “This will be an unprecedented test,” they added.

According to the study, coordination between TSOs will be “crucial” that day. Other electrical generation sources such as nuclear and coal, could be called in to ensure the European electricity supply.

The reduced photovoltaic production

In November, the president of the French operator of the high voltage network (TEN), Dominique Maillard, stated that the “passage of this twilight zone” would reduce “significantly photovoltaic production.”

“It will therefore s ensure that the means of production are available to take over, “he added.