Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Assembly rejects the censure motion, Valls promises to reform … – The Obs

The Assembly rejects the censure motion, Valls promises to reform … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The Assembly rejected Thursday unsurprisingly confidence motion against the government, demonstrating the absence of “alternative majority” according to Manuel Valls, who promised to “continue tirelessly to reform” in Despite the fractures to the left.

Two days after the crazy day that shook the majority, the UMP-UDI-confidence motion as a result of use of Article 49-3 of the Constitution to pass the Macron draft law without vote, received only 234 votes, where it would have taken 289 to bring down the government. The bill is adopted in first reading and will be debated in the Senate in April.

The 198 UMP deputies voted for the motion, but only 23 of the 30 IDUs, six of the Left Front, six non members -including both Fn and environmental related. Environmentalists and “rebellious” PS, who were preparing largely to vote against the draft law Macron Tuesday had excluded from voting censorship.

Defending the motion, the head of UMP deputies Christian Jacob greatly concerned Manuel Valls. “Are you thank you for your most”, “it’s not you who fly,” he has launched it in particular.

In his reply, also vigorous and frequently interrupted on benches opposition, Manuel Valls has justified the commitment of 49-3, “an act of authority” face “irresponsibility, immaturity of some” in an allusion to the PS slingers.

“The authority is take responsibility when the best interests of the nation requires,” he repeated while the executive has made this text a pledge to the European Commission its control reformist.

In the presence of most members of his government, including Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister reiterated his call to “maintain the spirit of January 11,” Post-attacks, marked by national cohesion and the withholding of political attacks and rejected accusations from the opposition of politically use a “magical and elusive spirit” or to “hit” republican values.

If the rejection of the confidence vote marks the end of a crazy week, or simply “a parliamentary episode” for the leader of the PS group Bruno Le Roux, the episode will leave deep scars.

Manual Valls and more will use Article 49-3 on another text that Macron law by the end of the regular session in June. Even if, in fact, there is more economic cleaving text for the majority waited for this session apart … the new Macron reading on the bill in May / June.

“For your government is at best the beginning of stagnation, at worst the beginning of the end, “said Mr Jacob. The leader of the UDI deputies, Philippe Vigier, said that “the five-year was arrested Tuesday at 4:25 p.m.”, when Manuel Valls was liable

-. Climate fierce left –

The leading members of the Left Front, André Chassaigne, claimed his side “a new government that can bring together all the left forces”, thus justifying the vote on the motion of UMP-UDI censure by a “majority” of his group, which has a heavy churning in-house.

As for the climate in the majority, there is more heated, some as MP Christophe Caresche calling slingers from the PS group, an option rejected by the socialist leaders.

While saying “clear that environmentalists are not in opposition,” their co-chairman François de Rugy has called to renew the “dialogue throughout the majority” avoiding “sterile stigma of battle.”

While reaffirming its “trust” in Manuel Valls because “the time is not the differences,” the leader of the radical left Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg called Emmanuel Macron, by the new reading of the text, to “continue the dialogue with parliamentarians” on pay counterparties Sunday work, which was the point of tension and no return between the government and the slingers this weekend.

Members of the majority find themselves in contrast to the negative impact this week with voters a month before the elections county. “On March 22, at the polls, the French censor you,” predicted Mr. Jacob.


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