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To a minimum reshuffle after the county – Les Echos

To a minimum reshuffle after the county – Les Echos

A widening of the government to environmentalists and even friends of Martine Aubry was considered after the departmental elections. But pataquès on voting law Macron has changed the


Mentioned in political circles before the crazy week of “49-3,” a government reshuffle after the county remains valid but could be very low, according to some sources in the majority.

” Matignon, in connection with the Elysee, reflecting on the assumption of a reshuffle that would come after the county “of 22 and 29 March,” with the aim of broadening the political base of government, that is to say the entry of environmentalists and possibly aubrystes “ says a ministerial adviser told AFP. “It was the scheme envisaged before the vote on the draft law Macron, 49-3 but has changed the game” last week, the source added. Thus, the two co-chairs of Deputies Europe Ecologie-Greens Barbara Pompili and François de Rugy, who said they would vote against the text, the assumption of their return is “ruined” wants to believe that counselor. “Now we will wait for the outcome of departmental and we will see what we will do” .

These elections promise to be another defeat for most: a strong National Front candidates left disorganized, a new voting system that makes it difficult qualification in the second round … Many ingredients are combined, which could void left between 30-40 departments (she holds 61 today).

“When we look at all of the major revisions in the last twenty years they have held either at the end of a crisis or after an election, “ observe a regular visitor at the Elysee Palace, which, without commenting on a possible date Redesign, admits that the period between the end of the elections and of 11 April, motions filing date for the Socialist Party Congress “part of the data including the President of the Republic shall” .

A senior PS says the reshuffle is “always current” . At least, at least. According to this source Carole Delga (Trade, Crafts), candidate for regional elections in December could be released to campaign.

“There are also three candidates in the departmental ministers ( Patrick Kanner (City), Ségolène Neuville (Disabilities) and André Vallini (transport): can to stay or not to stay “ based on their score, observes an official PS. If fit, Geneviève Fioraso (Higher Education), which announced to reduce its activities due to health, may decide to leave.

Are Rugy or Pompili environmentalists them, “disqualified” to enter the government? According to a relative of Executive, the President and the Prime Minister do not wish to go “alone” Senator Jean-Vincent Place , which does not hide his desire for months to a leather. “It seems essential to me that in 2015, there is a large gathering of the left and environmentalists” , said the person, who pretends to say that “the date n ‘ no interest in itself “ and argues more for that to happen just before the regional.

Easing tensions before Congress PS

Also cited for entering government relatives of Martine Aubry, like Jean-Marc Germain , which says it would simply be “abstained” on the Macron law or François Lamy , arrived in spring 2014. The idea would be to do it early enough, to ease tensions in a PS badly dot after this episode of 49-3, and get in order of battle for the June conference.

When questioned, Jean-Marc Germain insists that he stands above all with the mayor of Lille, it’s “a new majority agreement” with environmentalists and left-wing radicals, “since it is not quite what we had said that we would “ in 2012 in the campaign program of Francois Hollande. “If it should result in a government, it reinforces the thing” , he admits, noting never have “fled responsibilities” in Parliament.

An official PS argued that Francois Hollande will have to review its system in preparation for the end of 2017. The sooner the better, as “it is one minute to midnight” , “it is on the verge of tipping into chaos” , says he.

Source AFP

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