Friday, February 27, 2015

Attacks in Copenhagen: a third alleged accomplice arrested – France Soir

Attacks in Copenhagen: a third alleged accomplice arrested – France Soir

This is the third man arrested twice after deadly attack in Copenhagen perpetrated by Omar al-Hussein that left two dead and five wounded on 14 February. Danish police said in a statement that a young man was arrested on Friday for complicity with the author of the attacks in the Danish capital.

Two men aged 19 and 22, arrested on February 16 are still in detention, as confirmed on 26 Danish police. The third person arrested Friday should be brought before a judge on Saturday in the perspective of an indictment. This preliminary hearing will be held at the request of justice in camera to preserve the anonymity of the alleged accomplice.

Both men previously arrested were charged with complicity in a terrorist attack. According to the lawyer of one of them, they are believed to have tried to help the alleged gunman to remove the weapon attacks and providing them with a “safe house”.

The author of the attacks was shot on 15 in the morning by the Danish police in the popular neighborhood of Norrebro after a quick exchange of fire. For Danish intelligence services, it is possible that Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was inspired “ by the Islamist militant propaganda in the Islamic state or other terrorist organizations “. His home was raided by police who discovered two rifles, and the clothes he wore on the report photo.

His funeral took place in the afternoon of Friday 20 outside the Danish capital in the Muslim cemetery in Brondby, near a highway ramp. More than 500 people attended his funeral.


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