Saturday, February 21, 2015

François Hollande opens the Agricultural Fair – The World

François Hollande opens the Agricultural Fair – The World

Francois Hollande shakes hands with Laurent Fabius on his arrival on 20 February in Paris at the Forum on agriculture and climate change.

Francois Hollande arrived Saturday at 7 pm at the Agricultural Show in Paris. As is tradition, the president began with the lobby breeders where it should walk two hours before breakfast with industry professionals, to meet farmers concerned about the implementation of the new CAP.

First stop with Dominique Macke, owner of the cow star of the show, Filouse, a Flemish red four years. “passion was passed on to our children. In the new CAP [Common Agricultural Policy], can we be interested in our local races? Our roots are entitled to continue living? “ he asks. ” The CAP not only will prevent anything, but add value to these products, “, says the president.


When asked by the press, for him the show takes place in the climate of the sign which is also “liability” of farmers. Aware of the difficulties including the Russian embargo on food products: “We must be the state, from farmers’ , he assured

Surrounded. a swarm of journalists and perch, security was strengthened this year around the president about the risk of attack, with a Vigipirate to a climax. Sign that security is on the teeth, the spokesperson of the Peasant Confederation minority farmers’ union, was unceremoniously expelled the delegation. “It has been a victim of confusion, there is no concern” , said Francois Hollande.

Laurent Pinatel, a little shaken, said he agreed that he was treated well because “” we spoke yesterday intensive farms. Obviously that speech bother “. Peasant Confederation has published a map showing the day that there was 24 Project “factory farm” and five effective structures.


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