Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The FN both shocked and flattered by the words of Roger Cukierman – L’Express

The FN both shocked and flattered by the words of Roger Cukierman – L'Express

About not very clear to the FN Roger Cukierman, contrasting reactions from that party. On Tuesday, the president Marine Le Pen has challenged the president of CRIF the role of “arbiter of elegance.” “It is not professor fréquentabilité,” said the owner of the Front in reference to statements by Roger Cukierman claim that she “is not a perfect or hang around as long as people continue to not come out of about his father for which he was sentenced by the court. ”

Regarding the first about the Jewish leader – who said that Marine Le Pen was “personally blameless” – it welcomed “I’m not going to spit on a compliment even if it was enough short time because they are quite rare. Even when they last a few hours, I take them with enough pleasure. ”

Cukierman “crushed by the politically correct”

“All these associations that are presented as representative of the French Jewish faith have been constantly as fight against FN, whereas the FN was a danger. The remarks of Mr. Cukierman sound like a confession, that of a serious error accordingly, “she then launched.

Even bantering tone toward his vice president Florian Philippot. RTL, he joked about the clarification yesterday by Roger Cukierman on FN: “It smells back pedal, the small winding politician straps.” The member of Vaucluse Marion Marshal Le Pen was more understanding vis-à-vis the president of CRIF, wishing he could “not establish a fact without being immediately crushed by the politically correct.” “The fact that Navy be blameless on the issue of anti-Semitism is a fact. It has never been convicted. The fact that the majority of anti-Semitic acts in France are made by Muslims is a reality,” continued the niece of the President of the FN on France 2. The President of CRIF “sustained pressure from all sides, sulking the French Council of the Muslim Faith, a kind of very strong media reaction, in short, the usual mechanism to terrorize any reflection politics in this country comes out of the framework established by the French poli tical class. ”

The Vichy? “I do not know where he finds the”

“Marine Le Pen, on several occasions, has explained on about his father, she said she also shared in not the content, there is no on this kind of ambiguity, “assured Marion Marshal Le Pen. Holocaust deniers, the Vichy the Pétain denounced by Mr. Cukierman, “I do not know where he found” the FN, she assured.




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