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VIDEO. The censure motion is rejected, Macron law passes … – Le Parisien

VIDEO. The censure motion is rejected, Macron law passes … – Le Parisien

Sébastien Lernould | 19 Feb. 2015, 6:39 p.m. | Update: 19 Feb. 2015, 9:44 p.m.

The text presented after Prime Minister resorted Tuesday in Article 49.3 of the Constitution to adopt the Macron law in the first reading in the Assembly, received only 234 votes. He was 289. The text will therefore now pass into the hands of senators in April.

The government can breathe a sigh of relief. No slinger member has dared to even challenge the Prime Minister, giving voice to the opposition. However, it might cringe among environmentalists. While François de Rugy had certified to the podium as EELV group, which he co-chairs, will put away behind the government, one of them, Isabelle Attard, approved the text of the UMP. The side of the Left Front, only 6 of the 15 deputies responded to the call of their leader André Chassaigne, who nevertheless called for “a new government.”

VIDEO. The National Assembly rejects the censure motion

Switches arms between Valls and Jacob

The UMP deputies voted as one the censure motion, including Frédéric Lefebvre and Hervé Mariton, yet favorable for Macron law. A UDI, 23 of the 30 MPs joined the UMP. For non-status, both FN elected but Jean Lassalle (Modem) or Nicolas Dupont-Aignan approved it.

The debate that preceded the vote was the scene of violent skirmish between the leader of UMP deputies and the Prime Minister. “The 49.3 is the weapon used by the weak. When one has 340 deputies left available, when you are a listening leader, such humiliation one we avoid “attacked Christian Jacob, which has continued to strongly challenge Manuel Valls. “Are you thank you for your majority is no longer you who fly.”

To justify the motion, the member for Seine-et-Marne sharply criticized the record of tenant Matignon. “We ask the Assembly to censor you because your economic and social policy is a total failure. Your government is not up to the historical responsibilities that are yours, “he has dealt, criticizing” the little Macron law that is between not much and nothing. “

VIDEO. Confidence motion: Jacob denounces the “Valls staff pride”

Valls: The Macron Law “blew the locks that impede our economy “

In turn, Manuel Valls, has not failed to return him the ropes. “Your vision of the opposition to the opposition has locked you in postures. Yet you had an opportunity: to show the direction of the general interest, the direction of the state. Unfortunately, you made a different choice. “

In his address resembling a policy speech, Prime Minister defended his record, citing” strengthening the SRU “the responsibility pact declining numbers of insecurity. But also and above all defended under the hubbub of the opposition the Macron law, a text that “blew the locks that hold back our economy. This law prohibits nothing, it only allows “

Jacob:” On March 22, at the polls, the French censor you “

Frequently interrupted by the Assembly benches, especially by Christian Jacob, he posted again firmness and promised to “continue tirelessly to reform, with all the means given by the Constitution. “

The government emerged victorious, but at what price? The majority is deeply divided, one month of the first round of the departmental elections. Christian Jacob did not fail to refer to it: “On March 22, at the polls, the French censor you.”

VIDEO. Valls wants to reform “in dialogue” but “with the authority needed”

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