Monday, February 23, 2015

Dinner of CRIF, Holland crusade against jihad and Racism – The Point

Dinner of CRIF, Holland crusade against jihad and Racism – The Point

Francois Hollande, who spoke Monday at the dinner of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) after its president David Cukierman, and in the process of awarding a prize to the “heroes” Hyper Kosher Lassana Bathily, announced that a bill on intelligence would be released on March 19 in the Council of Ministers. He also said that sanctions “faster and more efficient” would be taken “against the words of hatred involving racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.” “I hope that these statements are no longer under the law of the press but of criminal law,” said the head of state. In addition, the character will be strengthened aggravating Semitic connotation of an offense.

“There are no ordinary anti-Semitism,” said Holland, speaking of a “leprosy” that is “still there 70 years after the Holocaust” and that ” France will fight without weakness, “before stressing that anti-Muslim acts also recorded an alarming increase.

for reporting illegal content platform

the extension of travel Bernard Cazeneuve the United States, where he invited to France internet giant in April, Francois Hollande has placed these majors before their responsibilities, “If really large internet groups do not want to be accomplices of evil, they must participate in the regulation, “he insisted. In April, “we will set a set of clear and precise with these internet giants and I assure you that we will monitor its implementation.” In addition, the means of Pharos platform for reporting illegal content will be strengthened.

Air Passenger Data

“We will strengthen the tools of law” against those tempted by jihadism, added the president, announcing the presentation, Council of Ministers on March 18, a bill on intelligence. Hollande insisted on the European dimension of the fight against terrorism and welcomed the application “by the end of the year” of “PNR” data communications of airline passengers.

Tensions CRIF-CFCM

The evening was marred by the absence of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and its chairman Dalil Boubaker, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, who had never made false leap to go ecumenical religious and political.

The president of CRIF Roger Cukierman Monday caused controversy with equivocal remarks on Marine Le Pen and stigmatizing the “young Muslims” a few hours before dinner organization.

At dinner cocktail, numerous politicians right and left regretting this fever. “It’s very annoying (…) There it is total, the friend Cukierman,” blurted Jean-Paul Huchon, PS Chairman of the Ile-de-France. Jean-Vincent Place (EELV) has it regretted that the dinner was not a “time of maximum national unity.” “Young Muslims already feel stigmatized. This is not the trouble to add,” said Latifa Ibn Ziaten, the mother of Imad Mohamed Merah killed.

Sarkozy lambasted Cukierman

When he arrived, Nicolas Sarkozy told Serge and Arno Klarsfeld, who condemned the remarks of the first Cukierman on Marine Le Pen: “Fortunately there are people in the community (Jewish) who gossip sensible. ” A few minutes later, he had a heated exchange with the deuxd number of CRIF, Francis Khalifa.

Roger Cukierman tried to let off steam by expressing, in the introduction to his speech, his “deep regret “absence CFCM. “Jews and Muslims, we are on the same boat, I hope that the contact will be quickly restored,” said Mr. Cukierman, recalling his friendship “old and sincere” Mr. Boubaker. He reiterated his focus on the president of the National Front, which is “neither perfect nor frequentable” as it does not disassociate the words of his father. “We will continue to not invite Ms. Le Pen dinner of CRIF and does not advise to vote for the National Front.”


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