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Single community in Corsica: “After fumigation, the time has come … – Corse-Matin

Single community in Corsica: "After fumigation, the time has come … – Corse-Matin

This is the feeling of Nicolas Alfonsi. Former Senator of Corse-du-Sud is critical to the method used to create a unique community. It calls into question the political will to act fast.

His word is rare, but its formulas often fly. Broken to the exercise of the elective responsibilities for decades, former Senator (still general counsel of Two Sevi but will not run on March 22 in the new township Sevi-Sorru-Cirnaca) added its voice to the debate on institutional reform that shakes our island. Nicolas Alfonsi now brings his “clarifications” . Again, it does not handle the language of wood.

The Corsican Assembly wants a unique community. You seem to share this request. How do you justify this change?

During the 2003 referendum, I contributed to the victory of the “no”, convinced that shared governance between the three communities could avoid excessive concentration of power in one: the CTC. I felt, wrongly, that the poor management of a community could be offset by the quality of another. Ten years of experience have dispelled this illusion, checking on this occasion “that every man who has power is increased to abuse it.” Despite my attachment to the departmental institution, this finding seems final.

What are the reasons that lead you to this conclusion?

I remember the three communities have each year a considerable total budget of 1.2 billion euros. More than a thousand additional jobs created public officials in 10 years, overlapping of responsibilities, inappropriate funding initiatives, PEI credits wasted on projects with a subordinate interest, lack of control of the use of public money by exclusively preoccupied elected, including the CTC institutional reforms or strictly local considerations are all reasons that today require a reform that put an end to these abuses.

“Ride chimeras”

By creating a unique community of the danger of re-centralization of power is it not be even bigger?

Of course, I see the ineffectiveness of proposals for the Corsican Assembly that create a gas plant with a bedroom territories and archaic ballot. I know approve. I realize, of course, the danger of re-centralization of all means and all the skills in the future community.

The Interior Minister has proposed the single community in 2018. Would it not have to do it sooner?

The deliberation of the Corsican Assembly requesting the establishment of a single community was adopted on 12 December. We can not in any way blame the government the lateness of it. For four years, I denounced smoking out who chaired the territorial debate through the claims that have led nowhere. If all three markers (resident status, coofficiality, introduction of Corsica in the Constitution) have temporarily disappeared from radar (they will come back!), Opinion, destabilized, lost mark. No doubt he would have been wiser to limit earlier ambitions to create a single community rather than overlap chimeras.

So you share the government’s strategy?

dispel the current confusion. He found in the deliberation of the Assembly two proposals: firstly, the demand for the immediate creation of a single community through an amendment to the law Lebranchu discussion. On the other hand, the desire for a referendum in Corsica on this object as in 2003. I note that it is on these two proposals that the larger majority ended up in the Corsican Assembly .

Both proposals would they be reconciled?

If the principle of a single community is passed, the public consultation on its future status is emptied of its object. But this amendment has no real bearing on the normative level! We legislate to assert that we will legislate by ordinance to create a unique community … on 1 January 2018. It is a simple commitment could marry another form: a solemn declaration of the government leader in the National Assembly would filled the same office with the same force. So, with a great economy of means, the referendum could be maintained.

“We are in a hurry, going slowly”

The government invokes urgency …

And it would take 2018! It seems to the motto of Foch: “We are in a hurry, going slowly. “Unlike the Alsatians who were granted the right to be consulted, Corsicans will pay a high price that I consider a procedural trick that does not comply, in addition, the parallelism of forms introduced in the 2003 referendum.

Is this justified emergency?

I recall that the Defferre status had been voted in January 1982, seven months after the arrival of François Mitterand in power ; Joxe that status had been, also, a specific bill. He had only two months elapsed between the end of April 2003 approval by the Council of Ministers of the referendum bill delete departments, the vote of Parliament and consultation of Corsican voters on July 6, 2003. I feel we could have gone faster. After fumigation, now is the time for retraction. I can now only protest against this retraction.

Is there no political will?

I remain convinced that respect a normal procedure, that is to say, the dialogue with elected officials, the development of a specific bill, the referendum for consideration and a vote on a draft Law on the new statute would save time and clarity. A period of 18 months is more than enough if the government actually manifests the will. The introduction of the single community within such period after the popular consultation, would be a virtue, that eliminate any future debate on new institutional reforms.

“How humiliating! “

What do you think of legislating by order

To legislate through ordinances – which will be the vote of a draft enabling law by Parliament and thus lead to reopening the debate with the ability to change the content – is not the most transparent methods. I see a source of unrest and controversy, given the interference that is sure to occur with the presidential campaign.

The Corsican Assembly is much more cautious …

The nationalist groups appear to formally accommodate the absence of popular consultation they nevertheless claimed and passed. They had scruples … but they overcome them. No doubt they will benefit from the lack of consultation to express reservations about the content of future status. They will take to the presidential campaign to return to their usual three markers. As for the leaders of other groups favor of the single community, they will ensure reassure county councilors, the newly elected term of office.

A lot of time was wasted that could have been spent more usefully the real problems of unemployment, housing and infrastructure. More like approving an amendment break – what a humiliation! – The new community, a new statute would have deserved more solemnity, clarity and transparency



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