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The episode of “49.3″ undermines reformism Valls and electrifies the … – Liberation

The episode of "49.3″ undermines reformism Valls and electrifies the … – Liberation

The Macron bill passed Thursday in the Assembly, but the use of “49.3″ reducing government leeway to push through reforms and future risk of tearing a little plus the PS group, far from “the spirit of January 11″

-. Increasingly uncertain ‘majority –

Weakened by the slingers and the loss of seats parliamentary by the socialist majority was tight over five years. But “all texts are passed, all texts will pass,” they assured the government. So far, the smallest gap for the adoption of a text was 18 votes, 21 October (programming of public finances from 2014 to 2019). The government thought this time to have a majority of only “3-6″ voice as too “uncertain” to risk a vote. This majority would additionally supported by a dozen votes of IDU and the UMP. Especially, for the first time, a significant group of MPs PS had gone to vote against when the “slingshot” had hitherto restricted between 30 and 40 abstentions. According to reliable sources, 25 members of the PS group were preparing to vote against “12 or 13″ to abstain

-. The precautions for future reforms –

Since the constitutional reform of 2008, Article 49.3 allows to pass a bill without voting may not be used, excluding budgetary texts, once per session in the Assembly. However, it can be used repeatedly to the same text, which will include the government to use it again for a second reading of the Macron law. “If we again use this weapon that gives me the Constitution, of course we will,” said Manuel Valls. But it will be more wildcard for other texts provided by the end of June “The territorial reform and health law, are not the same divisions. And the text on intelligence is national unity, “reassures a counselor. Rest Bill on social dialogue, including Manuel Valls to unveil the outlines Wednesday and possibly by a special session in July

-. A knife group fired before the conference –

“It’s clear they do not intend to stop. They consider themselves to have scored points, “says one of the opponents slingers, aimed in particular Benoît Hamon. With others, the former Minister of Education, already detonator implosion of the government “Valls I” in late August, denounced the lack of concessions by Emmanuel Macron on compensation for work on Sunday. Postures “tacticiennes” before the Congress of the PS, deplore legitimists. “This is a Pyrrhic victory” for the government and the episode “will leave traces” beyond slingers Judge unaligned parliamentarian. According to him, “is the executive has the intelligence to appease” things or “it will continue this undeclared war, and we will all lose.”

Several members spoke of sanctions against slingers or exclusion of the PS, an issue that does not seem convincing at Solferino, where some fear the effects of an “arbitrary decision”. Tuesday the national office must “treat” this debate. No slinger has voted to censure motion

-. Manuel Valls and the spirit of January 11, which disperses –

On January 13, Manuel Valls was the avoidance of the hemicycle during his post-bombings speech. Less than a month and a week later, with a 49.3 and a motion of censure (even safe) the contrast is striking. The Prime Minister, as many ministers, thought to have been behind the PS internal debates and rumors about his departure from Matignon before 2017. Hammering all week that he would continue to reform “tirelessly”, he called for “responsibility”. Those who think that “we can not continue to implement reforms” or that the majority has “exploded” err “totally,” said he said Friday. As for Emmanuel Macron, which was the parliamentary baptism, the use of 49.3 is a reminder of the realities of the balance of political forces in a career marked by a continuous ascension. Although the minister ever elected, has earned the respect of members participating in the debate for 180 hours in the Assembly and accepting numero us amendments.



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