Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lavillenie wants to achieve the feat in his “garden” – South West

Lavillenie wants to achieve the feat in his "garden" – South West

At home in his gym of Aubière Lavillenie will be in pursuit of a new world record. In recent weeks, three essays to 6.17 m, one centimeter higher than his world record of 15 February 2014 in Donetsk (Ukraine), testified that the Olympic champion was “a very good momentum,” according to its statements.

Before setting a new global brand Lavillenie would already become the master of his “garden”. “I’ve never managed 6 meters at home. I hope that I’ll finally get there, he had recalled the last weekend. Bubka has the record of my town (6.00 m) and me to his (Donetsk). ” Wolverine Lavillenie, leaving only crumbs to his adversaries, already has an iron grip on a fourth continental title in theaters in two weeks in Prague.

And he intends to jump high and fast, waiting for the new generation, led by Canadian Shawnacy Barber, 20 and already 5.90m this winter, come to challenge the order “lavillenien”.

Then comes Pragues

Philippe Encausse, coach Lavillenie, targeted already targeted the Canadian Shawnacy Barber (20 years) and the Polish Piotr Lisek (22 years) as probable medium-term challengers world record holder in the pole vault (6.16 m). The lanky Barber, reminiscent of Australian Steven Hooker, Olympic champion in 2008 and the world in 2009, reached 5.90 m there a few days to Fayetteville (United States).

ç would be a shame there are only Renaud. There is competition and you should never underestimate the opponents even when you have the lead, “said Philippe D’Encausse.

He added: “There is nothing more depressing than a competition with a guy 6 m and the second at 5.60 m. The density is good for discipline. It means we can even arrange meetings only around the pole. “


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