Monday, February 23, 2015

Manuel Valls warns farmers against the FN vote – Europe1

Manuel Valls warns farmers against the FN vote – Europe1

Europe 1

Europe 1

A month of departmental elections, for which the National Front is given head, Manuel Valls is indeed in the field. Visiting Agricultural Fair on Monday, the Prime Minister said that “vote National Front is to destroy this European model which also supported the French agriculture.”

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Agriculture Values ​​”poles apart” FN “Farmers also know that they are public authorities, especially in Europe, “said Manuel Valls. “I think the work values, solidarity, merit, that will transmit this knowledge to youth, this quality that is felt here is the opposite of what the far right. The the extreme right and the rural world can not meet, “stressed the Prime Minister, who” is set back demagogy, populism by a specific action, concrete, aid, support. “

“The Minister of Agriculture and all members of the government are obviously at the side of farmers, including courses that may be in trouble because of the economic context and the Russian embargo. I will keep several days in an interdepartmental committee to implement all the measures that we began to work this fall as part of the foundations of rurality. For it is necessary that the peri-urban areas, rural areas do not have this feeling of abandonment that we have had in the past “, also said Manuel Valls

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The National Front has once quipped, in a statement, the “obsession” Manuel Valls against him. “This shows the total disconnection of power with the French, giving in politics and ignores the serious problems plaguing France, especially in agriculture,” the party.


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