Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Desecration in Bas-Rhin: 5 teenagers have been arrested … – TF1

Desecration in Bas-Rhin: 5 teenagers have been arrested … – TF1

The five teenagers arrested Monday after the desecration of the Jewish cemetery in Sarre-Union (Bas-Rhin) were indicted Wednesday. He believes that the “anti-Semitic motive” appears “clearly” in this case.

“Despite the denials of the beneficiaries, and anti-Semitic overtones of their behavior are evident mobile” on the evidence gathered by the investigation, said prosecutor Philippe Vannier, during a press briefing.

Presented to an investigating judge, five miners were subject to judicial review which prohibits them to appear in Sarre-Union and placed four of them, educational center, fifth being entrusted to a trusted third party, according to a statement from the prosecutor. They face up to seven years in prison, half if extenuating is retained.

Greetings Nazi and anti-Semitic slurs

“The five miners have all acknowledged their participation to damage, “he said, noting that the teenagers had described during their hearings” revealing gestures and words “as” Nazi salutes, “spitting on Jewish symbols, or having uttered the words “dirty Jews”, “dirty race”, “Heil Hitler” or “Sieg Heil”. According to the prosecutor, the degradation of the cemetery seems to be “part of a game, the game went wrong” the first act triggered a “sort of collective frenzy” that led adolescents to overthrow the stelae, break plates 250 graves and a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

The prosecutor said to have requested a criminal investigation for “violation and desecration of burials due to the religion of the dead” and “property damage” in meeting.

250 graves desecrated

The desecration of 250 graves in the cemetery of Sarre-Union back to last week and was discovered Sunday. In the aftermath of this disaster discovery, a 15 year old boy presented himself to the police to denounce the village. He says he “participated in the facts.” He also questioned four youths, aged 15 to 17 years.

The custody of the five minor were extended Tuesday at the request of the prosecutor. They face up to seven years in prison.

VIDEO. Cemetery vandalized in Calvados


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