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Vote for farmers: the Sarkozy-Le Pen match – Europe1

Vote for farmers: the Sarkozy-Le Pen match – Europe1

Europe 1

Europe 1

INFO Historically, farmers with practicing Catholics, the most social group. refractory to the National Front. But also loyal to the right electorate. Those are the facts. But the trend, it would be about to change, with Marine Le Pen hopes to surf the agricultural malaise, amid challenges to European standards of social dumping and excessive paperwork. But it still has some work to do before conquering the farmers hearts

& gt;. & Gt; Does this mean that farmers might abandon Nicolas Sarkozy to fall into the arms of the extreme right? Europe 1 they had asked the Agricultural Fair on Monday, a few hours of the arrival there of the two party leaders.

The UMP boss knows the importance of (re) conquer this electorate traditionally acquired him. An electorate that still mobilizes mass when it comes to go sliding his ballot. Never negligible given that almost one million people live in or agriculture. In the first round of the 2012 presidential election, 27% of French voted for Nicolas Sarkozy, according to a survey of Ifop. They were 44% among the peasants. No wonder, then, to see the former president multiply the little touches. Field trip to meet winemakers, meeting with unions and above passage (forced) to the Agricultural Fair

“With the FN, I am afraid we have bad surprises” Gerard, horse breeder bottlenose 42 years. is looking forward to crossing the former head of state. “I voted Sarkozy in 2007 and 2012, and I will start in 2017!”, he says, pointing out that “includes some are tempted by Marine Le Pen, because it dares to say certain truths. People are really in trouble, they do not know what to do to get out!” Faithful, Gerard. . But also a little lonely

“Yes, Sarkozy disappointed me” After refusing to answer questions, Marc catches up by the arm. “We will be more quiet there … “Once isolated from his colleagues, speech is free:” Yes, Sarkozy disappointed me His return is a little anything It seems he thinks.. to him and he is just there to take revenge on Holland. Le Pen, she talks about us and it interests me. ” Enough to drag an FN ballot? “Not for the county but for the presidential, yes.”

Monique sexagenarian cross the aisles, supports the argument of Marc. “Sarkozy, we saw what it was given. Holland, we saw what it gave. We still have that? “” Marine Le Pen! “replied enthusiastically, his girlfriend. ” Me, I voted for Sarkozy 2007 and 2012, but this time it’s over, I do not trust him. So in 2017, I will try the FN! ” Girlfriend Monique nods. Sylvie, harvesting service goes daily from holdings in farms. “And I hear more and more about the FN,” she says


The Mayor and Juppé make nic Sarkozy . The Nicolas Sarkozy’s image among farmers has deteriorated considerably. According to a BVA poll for Terre-net, published in early February 2015, the head of the UMP gets only 42% of positive opinions from farmers, “a decline of 10 points compared to September 2014,” deciphers for Europe 1 Florence Gramont, a specialist in agricultural issues at BVA. A drop even more critical for Nicolas Sarkozy as its competitors to right are popular in the rural world: Alain Juppé (69%) ahead of Bruno Le Maire (68%), and François Fillon (50%). “It could almost be advised to have the Mayor at his side if he wants to capture the vote of farmers,” fun Gramont Florence. “That makes sense: it does not speak to them for two years,” cleared Nicolas Sarkozy’s entourage

And Marine Le Pen.? His image is it as good as the murmur? “The rise of the FN among peasants, this is a rumor!” Bracket outset Nicolas, 30, farmer Salers cows. “Let her approach my stand, she will be well received! There is no question that I spoke to him,” will prevail Jean-Michel, 52, a small farmer Bretonne Pie Noire. In the BVA ranking political and personalized farmers union leaders, first it was believed that Marine Le Pen had been forgotten. Then it was finally found. Low, very low. The boss of the FN is only 16th, down 6 points


“With the FN, I’m afraid we surprises. “ If the far right account rural depopulation, closure of public services, or the explosion of rural crime to break electorally in our campaigns, image prevents him still prevail in the minds completely. “With the FN, I am afraid we have bad surprises. We know the extremes that are usually when they have the power …”, is wary and Gerard. “It’s never good to be able to spin the extremists,” based Philip, his farm neighbor. Proof that demonization has not finished his book

The CAP, a sensitive topic Another point that plays to the disadvantage of Marine Le Pen.. His constant denunciation of European Union and its repeated willingness to get out. “Vote FN is to destroy the European model which supported the French agriculture,” warned Manuel Valls from the living room of Agriculture. They are often (very) critical of Brussels, French farmers are well aware that without the support of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), many of them would definitely arranged the cows in the barn. “This is the only point that I have a problem … But I think that, in any event, competition is distorted in Europe. So why not go out and restore our borders?” Asks Mark, a little embarrassed to armholes.

While farmers rather Sarkozy or Le Pen? “They are both the same! I do no trust them to get us out of the quagmire in which floundering for years …” slice Julien, 28, Holstein breeder in the South West. The two rivals are warned, the farmer does not let himself be seduced easily

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