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Nicolas Sarkozy campaign to fight FN – The World

Nicolas Sarkozy campaign to fight FN – The World

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Nicolas Sarkozy during a visit to a breeding Charolais cows at Mellecey (Saône-et-Loire), on 19 February.

The feet in the paths of France, far from the corridors paneled Assembly. While the UMP deputies voted government censorship, Thursday 19 February, Nicolas Sarkozy has traveled the roads of Burgundy. In the middle of the photographers, he stroked the muzzle of a Charolais cow, kissed the children of the village and talked to their parents, most farmers in Mellecey (Saône-et-Loire). In a room of the barn, over coffee, discussed social charges, the common agricultural policy (CAP), competition from German slaughterhouses … but also a lifestyle defend, “those lands which do not carry” unlike those of poor quality wines “it will always produce cheaper somewhere in the world.”

Despite the ups and downs of the political week, former president insisted keep that second trip, after that of Tourcoing (North), on 29 January. Draped in stature convener, he wants to meet with the militants. But a month before the departmental elections on 22 and 29 March, the president of the UMP also wants to return to France he describes a “angry and ready to explode.” . This France campaigns increasingly tempted by the National Front, which says candidates in 95.2% of the townships

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“They watch the same TV as us. They see that we give more room for those who cry and those who break. They seem to have been forgotten. We must listen to “, said Mr Sarkozy in Givry after a broken sticks for discussion with a dozen winemakers in this rural department where Frontists arise in March in 28 of the 29 cantons. Under the winter sun of Burgundy, as elsewhere in the country, the shadow of Le Pen party spoils the return of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Porosity electorates

President UMP is aware that the FN poaches all the votes to his party. Proclaimed “best defense to Marine Le Pen” with his family, Mr. Sarkozy noted that the porosity is growing between the two electorates. According to the TNS Sofres survey published in Le Monde dated February 17, 50% of UMP supporters say they favor alliances with the FN locally to the county, 43% will even wish an agreement at national level

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In the long term, the danger can become deadly for his party jostled by the FN dynamic as in the recent parliamentary by the Doubs. Lured by the victories of the National Front, elected officials and activists may be tempted by a rapprochement. Thursday 19, the president of the UMP promised that any candidate who would ally with the far right in the next departmental elections would be excluded.

Nicolas Sarkozy surrounded by Sébastien Martin (on his right) and Gilles PLATRET respectively president of the Grand Chalon and mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône, Thursday, February 19 in Givry (Saône-et-Loire).

A long speech, he insists his difference. “M me Pen and me, we are not at the same level of responsibility. It considers that its liability is made when she yelled a little louder than screaming because they suffer. I consider my responsibility is not to break a French company plagued by divisions, anxieties and fears “, he said at a public meeting before 2000 activists Chalon-sur-Saône by calling helpful vote in favor of his party that “is intended to lead France” .

To counter the FN in the field of ideas, Mr Sarkozy denounced the economic program “far left” . He reiterated the need to address all matters not to let M me Le Pen invest only certain topics, including that of identity. When the UMP national council on February 7, he entrusted a mission on Islam Henri Guaino, deputy of Yvelines, and Gerald Darmanin, North MP. Since autumn 2014, the former head of state continues to develop his idea of ​​an Islam of France, an Islam that would live “in the mosques and not in cellars” with “French imams ‘to whom we may collect their accreditation.

No idea new

Adept of a strong Republic, former president stands as a herald of assimilation, a France where the alien is “welcome” provided to accept “the French language, French culture and the French way of life, “ he insisted Thursday. Offensive on the stands, it nevertheless develops no new ideas. In 2003, the interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, had already launched the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), precisely to develop an Islam of France. On immigration, his main track, the overhaul of the Schengen Agreement, was one of the strong points of his 2012 presidential campaign.

Whatever. In his political family, the former head of state still considers to be the best bulwark against the tide frontist being best able to gather supporters of the right. He is convinced that Alain Juppe made a big mistake by calling for a vote during the legislative Socialist Doubs because it has shifted its own electorate. He had to enjoy seeing Francois Fillon say Thursday on BFM-TV, he would choose “without hesitation” PS instead of the FN in a possible second round of presidential elections. And he is reassured by discovering the recent survey by the FIFG for Atlantico where he obliterates the mayor of Bordeaux from the UMP on the ability to be assertive – 77% (+ 8 points in one year) against 18% (- 5 points) – a quality appreciated by the far-right voters. History continue treating the rural world, Sarkozy will visit the Agricultural Fair, 25 February. Marine Le Pen will go there the next day.


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