Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PS: Cambadélis in balancing between “rebellious” and … – The Obs

PS: Cambadélis in balancing between "rebellious" and … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – A kind of judgment of Solomon: that’s what it appears from the decisions taken by the PS Tuesday, which was called to order the deputies “slingers” for trying to vote ” against “Macron law, while calling on the text, to be more listened to by the government.

The first secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis did vote in national office (NL) Tuesday night, by 29 votes to 9 abstentions and 3 non-participation in voting a “resolution” in three parts.

The first call to order parliamentarians who wanted to vote against the Macron Act requiring a battery there week Prime Minister Manuel Valls chopping Article 49-3 of the Constitution: “in all circumstances, they must respect the rule of their group voting unit”

And the boss. PS denouncing “a lack of respect, camaraderie and brotherhood”, during a press conference at the end of BN.

It certainly reminded that the PS was “a debate party “. But “at the end, because we are an organization and not an association of friends” there “collective decision” that “applies to everyone”

Second. Now, “for the essential texts,” according to Cambadélis, “the national office, in dialogue with the socialist groups in Parliament, will give her instructions on texts after hearing the government.”

“There will not vote against “in the future, believes the First Secretary, without explaining. “It is an analysis,” he says

The set can also be quite free. “For example, the text concerning the end of life, the BN may well decide that it allows freedom of conscience to Socialist deputies, “said he said

-. ‘Directed’ –

Finally, there is a strong criticism to the government, the text of the resolution requests that the PS is heard more about Macron law. He believes that the memorandum to the government before the fall of the review of the Macron law, in which he advocated, for example the number seven Sundays open to trade, against 12 in the Macron law “was not studied as it should “and” must be the second reading. “

” If possible we favor looking at what can evolve, “said he said without explaining.

But if ever recurred MPs wanting to vote against a law? “In this case, the BN will meet (…) it may refer the disputes committee (…) there may be a number of measures ranging from reprimand to exclusion.”

No punishment therefore, as demanded by some on the right wing. “The idea was to come out on top of the difficulties we encountered last week (…) I preferred the way of gathering, I am against fragmentation,” defended Mr. Cambadélis, just balancing his role for the upcoming congress of Poitiers (early June). He ran his estate and dubbing by the vote of the militants.

“I did not see, in the moment, a debate leading to the exclusions,” he added, while the majority left , faces in a month “decisive elections in a climate of division left ever seen.” The left could lose 30-40 departments

“have a situation of near rally,” said he wanted to believe

Unusually, a member of the government.. – Labour Minister François Rebsamen, including the Law “work” is a future issue came significantly to national office, but he did not comment.

This is a ” resolution a little tote like Macron law, “denounced former MP” rebellious “Jérôme Guedj leaving, too regretting a” staged “on the part of management.

“This text does not change much, but it was very important that we discuss the consequences of 49-3, to calm things down for our candidates for departmental elections feel supported by a gathered PS”, was congratulated Emmanuel Maurel, another figure of the left wing of the PS.


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