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Valls: “The 49-3, an act of authority facing the irresponsibility of … – The World

Valls: "The 49-3, an act of authority facing the irresponsibility of … – The World

The National Assembly decides, Thursday 19 February, on the motion of censure tabled by the UMP and the UDI in response to government use of Article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution to pass ., without a vote, the draft law Macron

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from 16 hours, in turn, each group represented in the Assembly explains the position he defends, before a vote is expected to take place from 18 hours. The Macron law will be considered as adopted on first reading, unless the motion is passed, leading down the government – which is implausible

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Christian Jacob , president of the UMP group in the Assembly, took the first to speak at the podium. “The 49-3 is the weapon used by the weak. And you are weak because your balance is catastrophic “, he began by addressing the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. ” Your obsession is not reform, is your obsession continue to build your personal image “, has he even said, criticizing the ” small Macron law, “ ” is between not much and not all “. The Seine-et-Marne MP called for Hollande to dissolve the Assembly and “refer members to their constituents.”

“This five year s is arrested Tuesday at 16 h 25 “, at which the head of government announced the use of Article 49-3, said Philippe Vigier , the President of IDU group . Use of this article “is the manifestation of your weakness and your weakness” , he continued.

Following the interventions UMP group leaders and UDI, the general rapporteur of the text, the Socialist Richard Ferrand, denounced the “wheezy and angry speeches” MM. Jacob and Vigier. “ Figures imposed without content or brilliance. “


President of the Radical party, republican, Democratic and progressive, Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg, has renewed his confidence in the government. “We are confident the Prime Minister, the government, to continue to act for the advancement and defense of republican values” , has he said, estimating that “ n time is not the differences, even legitimate, but the rally on the essentials. “

The Co-Chair of the group Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) François de Rugy also said that environmentalists “are not in opposition” would not vote this motion of censure that “nowhere” . The national voice of EELV, Julien Bayou, has meanwhile assured that there was “one majority in the Assembly, the 2012 to lead the program.”

Penultimate to explain his vote, the Communist André Chassaigne has criticized “the 49-3 gag MPs who wanted to vote against” the Macron law. “We reject this political blackmail as our speech is free. “ Regretting have not, for lack of sufficient support, initiate a motion from left, Dr. Chassaigne announced that ” majority of deputies “ of his group would vote the motion of censure UMP and the UDI

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This positioning of the Communist deputies reacted Socialist MP Christophe Caresche ironically: “If the right and the Left Front vote together censorship is that is not far from the truth! “” A majority of members of the Left Front is positioned on the written motion by Sarkozy’s UMP. All is well, “ also bitterly commented Alexis Bachelay, the spokesman of the sharp left. Difficult “after that” “give us moral lessons” left “all day long” has tackled the deputy and former Minister Guillaume Garot PS.

Speaking at the forum on behalf of the Socialist Group Bruno Le Roux has also criticized the choice of the communist ruling that “alliance carp and rabbits can not be ephemeral” and that “need to know where you live” . “We are not voting with doite” , hammered the patron of PS deputies also defending on the merits of Macron law, a “social progress of law,” that “created the movement and ultimately moves the lines” . The elect of Seine-Saint-Denis defended the use of 49-3, “used more than 80 times since the beginning of V th Republic” , which, “in this case was not substituted in parliamentary work” .


“My responsibility is to advance our country to reform the” said Manuel Valls which discourses at the podium after the interventions of the six presidents of parliamentary groups:

“From reform, this beautiful country, in the course dialogue with the necessary clarity always, but especially in these times, with the authority needed “.

“There is only one majority” , has launched the Prime Minister, calling the head of UMP deputies Christian Jacob “respect the choice of the French people “ ” do not put into question the legitimacy of the President of the Republic of the majority and the government “. “Engage 49-3 is an act of authority (…) against the irresponsibility and immaturity of some” , he defended. The head of government has finally called “maintain the spirit of January 11″ .

The UMP Channel, Philippe Gosselin, saw a Valls Manual “to the death” . “What a contrast with the policy speech” , he commented. The Socialist deputy of Paris, Christophe Caresche, has instead seen a Valls Manual “calm and determined before an excited right” .

The motion must gather 289 votes to pass. The Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and the Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI) grouping 228 members, which could join the three members of the extreme right and some communists and environmentalists, the motion has little chance of pass. Only votes in favor of the latter will be counted. If the motion does not collect 289 votes, it is rejected.


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