Monday, February 23, 2015

Hortefeux: Sarkozy being “successful” mission in the UMP –

Hortefeux: Sarkozy being "successful" mission in the UMP –

Paris (AFP) – Nicolas Sarkozy is set to “successful” mission in the UMP, which will be transformed into “large renovated family,” said Monday his former minister Brice Hortefeux, who expressed a desire for candidacy . of the former president in 2017

“Nicolas Sarkozy did not choose to protect it chose to engage in a very difficult mission but it is succeeding.: that soothe, to gather, to build. It soothes our political family, which is much more united that a few months ago, “said Hortefeux at the” Talk Orange-Le Figaro “.

“We will soon enter the construction phase will measure the effort of creating a large renovated family gathered, united. This is the appointment by the cantonal elections,” added MP European.

The former interior minister “naturally wishes” that the former president ran again in 2017, “but it is within its decision,” he said. Thursday on Europe 1, Sarkozy assured that his application was “not required”.

According to a BVA poll for Orange and iTELE, only 22% of French people want Mr Sarkozy is a candidate in 2017. He also suffered a sharp fall on the side of the UMP supporters: 57% want a candidate against 78% in July 2014

Mr.. Hortefeux pointed “very contradictory surveys: there are eight days ago, another survey showed the opposite: Nicolas Sarkozy won six points.” According to an Ifop poll published Atlantico-February 14, former president earns three points (56%) and Alain Juppe loses as many (33%) in the eyes of UMP 2017.

M . Hortefeux also mocked applications “fanciful or disturbing” the National Front. “I have a municipal councilor in Clermont-Ferrand who was forced to resign because he had been charged with murder (Eric Assad, Ed). He was then deemed irresponsible. I have reached candidate today blindness, who was surprised to see his name placed in the list of candidates for county without being asked his opinion and decided to bring charges against the FN, “said he said.

“Brice Hortefeux says that the head of the UMP soothes, brings together and built. Yet peaceful, unifying and constructive, three adjectives that do not spring to mind when thinking of Nicolas Sarkozy” reacted Corinne Narassiguin, spokesperson of the PS, in a statement to AFP.

“He must still be welcomed that the UMP has finally decided to work on a project proposals and not exclusively obstruction, rather than continue to let the scope of the opposition to the demagogy of FN, “she added.


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