Saturday, February 21, 2015

Macron Act, more than half of French people think that the PS is … – The Express

Macron Act, more than half of French people think that the PS is … – The Express

The particular course of Macron law does not give a good image of the French political class. In any case, what emerges from a survey to Odoxa QED and i & gt; TV on Friday. The French are indeed critical of the attitude of the left like the right.

PS divisions in the open

The majority of all, who is torn on the vote of the Macron law, which has led Government to use Article 49-3 of the Constitution to make it pass. 60% of those surveyed by Odoxa believe that “the PS may implode” 49% of “definitely yes”, 11% “yes, probably”. An analysis shared more widely shared on the right (71%) than among supporters of the PS (38%).

Nearly half of respondents (46%) also believes that the slingers who “opposed the Macron law made for months by the government” must leave the PS -52% think the Conversely, 2% were undecided.

63% of respondents disapprove also use 49-3 to pass the legislation. However, they are much more right (74%) than the left (52%) and especially among Socialist supporters (34%).

The “electoral calculation” of the UMP

When asked about the motivations of the UMP to oppose this legislation, the left of the PS disapproves because she considers too right, the French are severe. 79% say that it is primarily an “electoral calculation”.

See the editorial Christophe Barbier: “The political distressing episodes”

Emmanuel Macron, he leaves for the moment there is little feathers. 49% of the French still have a good opinion of him, against 53% in December to 60% left, 43% right.

Poll directed by internet on 19 and 20 February, on a sample of 1002 people aged 18 years and over, by the quota method.




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