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Picasso reported stolen in France in 2001, returned to the United States –

Picasso reported stolen in France in 2001, returned to the United States –

A Picasso
reported stolen in 2001 in Paris, estimated at several million dollars, was found in the United States where he had been sent as a Christmas gift to 30 euros. “The Dresser”, painted in 1911 and owned by the French government, had disappeared from the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Cubist painting was sent from Belgium to the United States on December 17, with “Art Craft / 30 I / Merry Christmas “, suggesting that it was a Christmas gift costing 30 euros, said Thursday the prosecutor in Brooklyn.

The table of 33 cm by 46 cm was intercepted by US Customs, and given to his HSI division investigating international trafficking in works of art. “A lost treasure was found”, welcomed the prosecutor. Its services did not specify, what was the recipient.

Back to France

                   “Because of the blatant smuggling in this case, this painting is now subject to forfeiture to the United States. Such forfeiture shall rend the claws of the black market for stolen works of art, so it can be returned to its owner legitimate “the prosecutor added.

” The fact that ‘The Dresser’ was recovered sends a strong message to thieves that the market for the sale of stolen antiquities in the United States is drying up “said his side a charge of HSI, noting that his services were determined to return the stolen goods to their owners.

The theft of” The Dresser “was discovered in 2001 in the during a loan application. Pompidou Centre staff could not see that she was not in the room where it was stored

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