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Forsan Alizza: referral trial of 15 people in the group … –

Forsan Alizza: referral trial of 15 people in the group … –

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They were arrested in 2012 for comments to the application of sharia law in France. Three years later, the radical Islamist group Forsane Alizza is again in the crosshairs of justice with reference to the prosecution of 15 people from the group based in Limoges.

The Paris prosecutor considers that the 15 Forsan Alizza people should be referred to trial for criminal conspiracy in relation with a terrorist enterprise. The group is believed to have sought out potential targets. This is now a judge to order a trial.

The leader of Forsane Alizza also concerned

There are three, 19 arrests had been made in all France. . The group was particularly accused of “ Combat workouts practices melee and hostage .” Among the defendants, Mohamed Achamlane leader of the group who was arrested in Nantes where he resided. It was found three assault rifles Kalashnikov type and a dozen revolvers and automatic or semi-automatic pistols.

Denying a terrorist plot, he was accused of having created and hosted a “structured” group to prepare “the armed jihad”, with meetings and trainings, said a judicial source. Other weapons were seized during searches in other suspects. An operation that intervened few days after the killings by Mohamed Merah between 11 and 19 March 2012.

A removal project against a Lyon magistrate

Among the evidence against some people in the group, including Mohamed Achamlane, included a removal project against the Lyon magistrate Albert Levy. Project remained at the stage “intellectual and had been no commencement of execution” said the Paris prosecutor



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