Saturday, February 28, 2015

Confusion about the announcement of the death of wrong … Martin – France Soir

Confusion about the announcement of the death of wrong … Martin – France Soir

Confusion reigned in the early afternoon on Saturday about the announcement of the death of erroneous Martin Bouygues, CEO of Bouygues, aged 62.

On the basis of information from the AFP quoted the mayor of Saint-Denis-sur-Sarthon (Orne), neighboring town of La Roche Mabile near Alençon, where industrial property has several websites and channels TV and radio had announced the death.

Ten minutes later, TF1 and Bouygues denied the information. “I had Martin Bouygues there ten minutes. He’s fine and is surprised by this announcement,” said Catherine Nayl, Deputy Director of Information TF1 Group, in a tweet posted shortly after 15h by LCI, the news channel of the group.

“All is well for Martin Bouygues, this is misinformation,” . tweeted Bouygues Telecom for its part, shortly after

Later, the mayor in question, Michel Julien gave his explanations BFMTV: after the intervention of firefighters about death in the municipality of La Roche Mabile, “a reporter called me and told me + + Mr. Martin died. I confirmed, but I did not know he was talking about Martin Bouygues (…). It there has been a tremendous mistake. Martin Bouygues, I do not know. There was a Mr. Martin who died, I knew well. There was terrible confusion, I’m sorry (…), a confusion names. “

According to Le Point , Martin Bouygues be currently in Quiberon, ” perfectly healthy “ and spent part of the afternoon in “reassure his relatives who were concerned about this new scary” .

Martin Bouygues in 1989 succeeded his father Francis Bouygues, the founder the construction group died in 1993 at the age of 70 years. It is at the head of an empire built on the construction and developed in the media (through the purchase of TF1 in 1987), telecommunications (Bouygues Telecom launched in 1996) and energy (taken da stake in Alstom 2006).

Martin Bouygues joined the Group in 1974 foreman quality, and held positions in the commercial management of the company in 1978 before creating Maison Bouygues, specializing in the sale of catalog homes. In the shadow of his father, he went through the ranks of the group, before becoming vice president in 1987 and president in 1989.


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