Friday, February 27, 2015

Calais migrants settled in Burgundy – Le Figaro

Calais migrants settled in Burgundy – Le Figaro

The state required the small town of Pouilly-en-Auxois to host dozens of Sudanese, Chadians and Eritreans.

In the” jungle “of Calais to the tranquil valleys of Burgundy country, seventy East African migrants have found an unexpected base in the rural village of Pouilly-en-Auxois (Cote d ‘ gold). It is in an old fire gendarmerie converted into a reception center for migrants that these Sudanese, Eritreans or Chadians have settled in early February, the biggest surprise of the 1600 souls of this county. A place of temporary accommodation for those asylum seekers who want to live in France rather than across the Channel.

“To relieve Calais migrants around 2500, the Ministry of the Interior asked different social housing operators which Adoma (organization specializing in the integration through housing, Ed) to seek shelters. Adoma signed an eighteen-month lease for up to 60 migrants in the barracks of the gendarmes, a 1960s building vacant for several months, “said the sub-prefect of Beaune, Frackowiak-Anne Jacobs. Twenty departments would be affected by this “distribution” of migrants.

After a first moment of stupor and anxiety, the Mayor of Pouilly-en-Auxois, Bernard Milloir (no label), took the advantage of this “state decision” that was imposed. Elected simply issued the request not to accommodate families with children because “school structures are already filled up.” As for residents, the news was more mixed reception. “At first, people were extremely suspicious, especially known about the status of asylum seeker. There has been some foul reactions leaflets that read “we live well together without them” … “says Anne Frackowiak-Jacobs. “The alarming information on the clashes with migrants in Calais have not reassured the population. I received insults, anonymous letters that treats me c … mayor offensive email. I even complained, “also says Bernard Milloir.

” It scares some at first but many people also came forward to give them help, donate clothes “said the abbot of the parish of Pouilly-en-Auxois. Soon after their arrival, many villagers have also had the opportunity to meet newcomers at a … “pancake party” organized at the castle of Chailly neighbor.

Today, nearly one month after the arrival of migrants, the situation has calmed down, agree to think the Mayor and Deputy Reeve of Beaune. “Migrants walk into town easily. We must not forget that these are asylum seekers, they want to learn French, French and some are already talking. There’s even a Sudanese who can quote Voltaire, “is surprised Frackowiak-Anne Jacobs.

Arrived” very tired “,” only wearing a tracksuit least 6 ° C by “for a of them, asylum seekers are discovering them for much less than Calais precarious living conditions. “They are joined in their efforts by Adoma. Five of them were granted refugee status and must leave the center within three months. Those who are unsuccessful will also go “said the sub-prefect of Beaune. Will they be replaced by newcomers? “We are expecting the arrival of 30 other migrants in March, says Bernard Milloir. And we do not know whether the eighteen months of the lease will be renewed and if the service of temporary asylum reception system will continue. “


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