Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Against the “rebellious”, the PS wants to “give his instructions” on the … – The World

Against the "rebellious", the PS wants to "give his instructions" on the … – The World

The Socialist Party (PS) wants to learn from 49-3. A week after the government, which feared not having a sufficient majority, had to push through the legislation Macron, PS, meeting in the national office, adopted Tuesday, February 24 a resolution that would change the situation in the party.

The text states that the executive body of the party, “in dialogue with the socialist groups in Parliament, now give her instructions on texts after hearing the government.” “Failure will the consequences provided by our internal rules” , is it written yet. If it reaffirms that the PS is “debate party” , the resolution also states that “cohesion can not be discussed.”

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The text, adopted by 29 votes, directly targets “slingers” politicians who have troubled the government announcing that they do not vote the law Macron:

“Individual flexibility of abstention in Parliament has become a collective weakness in transforming to a minority, will bring down the government through a text aims to combat inequality and sustain activity (…). The lack of respect, brotherhood or just companionship has reached an intolerable level. “


” The deputies are both representatives of the people and socialist activists, they must respect all the decisions of the government “, insisted the PS first secretary, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, during a press briefing.

” Specific obligations exist for members of the parliamentary groups “, and recalls the resolution voted on Tuesday. “Section 5.4.3 stipulates that” members of the Socialist group in the Parliament accept the internal party rules and comply with his tactics. In all circumstances, they must respect the rule of the unity of their group to vote ‘. “


So now, “there will be no vote against” in the Assembly, is convinced Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. In case of members would again vote against a text, “The national office will meet (…), it may refer the disputes committee (…), there may be a number measures ranging from reprimand to exclusion. “

No immediate sanction therefore, as demanded by some on the right wing . “The idea was to come out on top of the difficulties we encountered last week. I preferred the way of gathering, I am against fragmentation “ has defended Mr. Cambadélis.

In his text, the national office of the PS, however, requires further course Macron the law. He believes that the memorandum to the government before the examination of the Macron law, in which he advocated, for example the number seven Sundays open to trade, against 12 in the Macron law “has not been studied as it should have “ and ” must be on second reading “.


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