Friday, February 20, 2015

Gilles PLATRET asserts itself in the wake of Nicolas Sarkozy … –

Gilles PLATRET asserts itself in the wake of Nicolas Sarkozy … –

Chalon sur Saône, Gilles PLATRET has succeeded in asserting alongside Nicolas Sarkozy. By bringing the former President of the Republic, undeniably, the mayor of Chalon sur Saône, is positioned as one of the strong links in the county right.

A time away from the UMP at investitures for municipal elections in favor of Sébastien Martin, Gilles PLATRET, had held out the bar, to successfully establish itself in the duel that opposed to the time … and proposing to end a triple candidacy with the triumvirate together with Isabelle Dechaume.

Since then, Gilles PLATRET, takes his revenge somehow within the UMP with her pretty blow to the Sembat room. The challenge of bringing together some 1,500 people at Sembat room, tea time, was not necessarily a successful advance bet.

Gilles PLATRET …. in the costume of “ministrable”?

Even if Nicolas Sarkozy declined to discuss the presidential election, preferring to position itself head of family above all, Gilles PLATRET, has not concealed its leader to see run Supreme term of office. From there, imagine, Gilles PLATRET potentially ministrable, there is a step that we are taking cheerfully. Still, the path is still strewn with pitfalls for Nicolas Sarkozy. Although he declined to comment on any tension within the UMP, wishing to establish itself as one that brings together rather than dividing, Nicolas Sarkozy will first have to be elected in the party’s internal primary . And not sure that the road is always open …

And then once elected internally … if by chance, this were the case, Nicolas Sarkozy will win the election presidential …

Still, Thursday night at Sembat room, Gilles PLATRET posted clearly and conspicuously support the president of the UMP … and no doubt that the presence of former President was seen by some as a form of dubbing internally. To be continued.

Laurent Guillaume


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