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The robbers Harry Winston jewelry heavy sentences – BBC

The robbers Harry Winston jewelry heavy sentences – BBC

Eight men were appearing for the double turning this jewelry located on the prestigious Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Penalties range from 9 months to 15 years in prison.

October 2007, December 2008. a year apart, the same team of robbers had robbed the prestigious Harry Winston jewelry, located on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. After trial, the eight men got sentenced to terms ranging from 9 months to 15 years in prison.

Nearly nine hundred and jewelry were stolen for damages set at 78.9 million euros. One of the most important in this type of business in the world. Only 279 of them were found.

Disguised as women

The day before the first robbery, four men broke into the jewelry with the help of a guard . He had spent the night in the store before tying neutralize them one by one employee arriving in jewelry and forcing the director to deliver their merchandise. In the second, four men still dressed as women with three, had entered through the main entrance to shine before the establishment, with the complicity of the same security guard, who had not been suspected the first time.

Heavier penalties that requisitions

The jury of the Assize Court of Paris was beyond the requisitions of the Advocate General, who had requested 18-month sentences to 12 year old. Six of the defendants, all French nationals, were subject to 30 years in prison and two repeat offenders from prison.

The court sentenced him to 15 years’ imprisonment Douadi Yahiaoui says “Doudou” 50, an offender who has already served 23 Annne detention for theft and drug trafficking. He was the only prisoner to appear, the other defendants have been released after spending two to three years in custody. Three other criminals were sentenced to 6 years in prison, two to three years and nine months. As for the security guard who allowed two breaks, Djennad Mouloud, 39, the Assize Court sentenced him to 5 years in prison, three of which were suspended.


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