Sunday, February 22, 2015

A11 Sarthe 26 damaged cars because of the weather – Six News

A11 Sarthe 26 damaged cars because of the weather – Six News

On the A11 in the Sarthe , several accidents occurred and 26 cars were involved. The weather, especially hail explain these events



On the A11 in the Sarthe, drivers were surprised by weather including a hailstorm. The latter came to disrupt traffic and accidents have been referenced. The last was observed in the direction Le Mans / Paris where 14 drivers were involved. This pile has been important since the latest report mentions 8 wounded. 52 firefighters were on the scene to help evacuate victims and others.

Sarthe affected by hail and wind

The accident on the A11 was produces about 17 hours, but less than half an hour earlier, another phenomenon was still referenced in the Sarthe. This time, the pile-up occurred in the direction Paris / Le Mans and 12 cars were involved. The death toll reported six minor injuries and a more serious injury. People are free outputs of these two accidents, there were 25 in the pile 17 hours and 21 in the other. The weather conditions were complex near Villaines-la-Gonais. Motorists have faced hailstorms, but gusty winds.

The weather has not been kind on the A11

On the A11, visibility was not optimized in the Sarthe because of heavy rain. This is not the only road that was disrupted by the weather, as in the Alps, motorists were forced to juggle the snow. Roads portions were sometimes blocked and drivers remained there for many hours while Saturday was important with going on holiday. Snow showers were abundant in the Alps and a few flakes fell in other areas, especially in the center of France.


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