Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Agricultural Show 2015 – Walkabout, McDonald’s, anti pikes … – MetroNews

Agricultural Show 2015 – Walkabout, McDonald's, anti pikes … – MetroNews

He made his comeback. In great shape. After two years of absence, Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday paced the aisles of the Paris Agricultural Show. Five hours of walking, a warm welcome … The president of the UMP was relaxed way and surrounded by a compact mass of journalists and politicians, including Guillaume Peltier, and Guillaume Henri Guaino Larrivé, to pass from stand to stand . In good shape, it alternated sharp spikes anti-FN or anti-socialist and … the promise to farmers that their situation would improve if he came to power.

“Once broken promise “

The former head of state was first allowed to be ironic remark made by a reporter in 2013 François Hollande, in his first visit to the Show as president, was interviewed by a child: “Where’s Nicolas Sarkozy?” “You will not see the most,” the president launched tit for tat, smiling. Today, the leader of the UMP laughs: “Another broken promise!” He loose

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On the way, many visitors applaud, give him the “M . the president “or colloquially call out by name. Some are visibly thrilled. “Highly him back!” Exclaims a fifties. “We absolutely count on him for 2017,” added his neighbor. Conversely, others are less tender: “We were disappointed by the normal chair but we do not vote for Sarkozy,” said a retired couple, representative of 78% of French (according to a BVA poll) who do not want his presence at the next presidential election. There are even two or three visitors who cry off “Casse-toi pauv’con”, referring to the scathing reply thrust forward in 2008 by Nicolas Sarkozy to a man who refused to shake his hand.

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Where we learn that Carla loves Big Mac

For those tempted to vote for Marine Le Pen (FN), Nicolas Sarkozy launches: “This lady, I do not want to talk about it, it is a symptom, not a solution The symptom of great anguish that can turn into anger. ” The future probable candidate for the primary abandoned his camp the crowd at regular intervals to go talk to the grain, farmers, dairy, fruits and vegetables, wine growers, brewers … “I had to vote VAT (social). Why socialists did they broken? The livestock sector is on its knees “, if he wins. “Their will to destroy is greater than the defense of French interests”, asserts the former president. “For socialists, the farmer is a laborer, a component of the rural setting, a relic of the past”

The head of the UMP also looks lighter subjects. – And more staggered. Past the McDonald’s stand, Nicolas Sarkozy and delivered a few secrets about the culinary tastes of his wife. Thus, Carla Bruni prefer hamburgers to candy. “I come home, she asked me buying a Mac through ‘and that makes her happy. It’s true what I say, I assure you.” Good to know.


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