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Dinner of CRIF, the Netherlands condemns the “leprosy” What the … – The World

Dinner of CRIF, the Netherlands condemns the "leprosy" What the … – The World

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At dinner of CRIF, Francois Hollande repeated & quot; the Jews are at home in France & quot ;, Monday night.

“The Jews are at home in France, it is the anti-Semites who have no place in the Republic. “ Guest of honor of 30 th Dinner CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France), François Hollande has called on the French Jewish to stay within the nation at the end of a speech of thirty minutes. “French Jews, you are at home here in your homeland, she owes you a part of its identity. You have given so much to him, France knows, and watch and said she got it a month ago to say no to bigotry and anti-Semitism. “

The intervention of the Head of State was within a context of multiplications acts anti Jewish, after the attacks in January, attacks Copenhagen, or the desecration a Jewish cemetery in Sarre-Union (Alsace). In front of a room full of religious dignitaries, ministers, elected officials, and personalities from the world of culture, Francois Hollande wanted in his speech put his own words on antisemitism: “It’s like a leprosy that always comes when civilizations believed to be rid of. “

Semitism, he then slipped on the fight against terrorism, connecting all the events of earlier this year. “In Paris as in Copenhagen, terrorists have sent the same message: that of war. This scares, which kills, which divides, which seeks to destroy the very foundations of living together. And among the first victims there are always Jews. “

A date for the law on intelligence

Members of CRIF expected strong action after announcements in January. Before the meeting, the Head of State announced that Manuel Valls would detail a plan to fight against anti-Semitism in the coming days. Without deflower the content, he expressed his desire to see “faster and more effective sanctions.” Anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia should therefore no longer meet the press law but ordinary criminal law. A measure that Mr. Cukierman, President of CRIF, was called for. The head of state took the opportunity to pay tribute to the police, and slid it pleased him to see Jewish mothers “distribute food supplements” to the soldiers before the synagogues causing the laughter of the assembly. The only humorous take on an evening gravity footprint.

On the menu of the ads, the Head of State said that a draft law on intelligence would be presented on March 18 in the Council of Ministers for “raise our level of intervention without jeopardizing our freedoms” . He also called on its European partners to advance on PNR, common file for “control air passengers who travel in dangerous areas” . No question as to question Schengen, as would Nicolas Sarkozy. Without naming him, the president attacked his predecessor: “In the fight against terrorism, we must not less Europe, it takes more»

It is. about the Internet Francois Hollande was the most virulent. Calling large groups to the “responsibility” , he estimated that “The digital world is not out of reality, so it may not be outside the law.” Before releasing about online video sharing sites that lets jihadist videos: “indifference is complicity. “

The Controversy Cukierman

In his speech, Hollande did not mention directly about controversies his host, President of CRIF Roger Cukierman. Monday morning on Europe 1, it considered that “all violence today, and I must say things are committed by young Muslims. Of course, this is a small minority of the community, and Muslims are the first victims … “

This output has angered Dalil Boubaker, president of the French Council the Muslim Faith, which boycotted dinner. The President of CRIF was also felt that Marine Le Pen was “blameless” , even if his party is not, then qualified his remarks to the meeting Monday night at the opening of his speech, recalling that the President of the National Front never disconnected Semitic outputs of his father.

The head of state has, he mentioned neither one nor the other . But he recalled that “anti-Semitism has ancient roots that plunge into the history of the French extreme right who does is not free” . He also mentioned a new form, which feeds “hatred of Israel.” Implicit reference to Roland Dumas, former president of the Constitutional Council which held Monday, February 16 Manuel Valls was under “influence” Jewish.

About Muslims, Francois Hollande did not enter into the controversy either. Just has he mentioned a figure: “in January 2015, there have been many acts anti Muslims throughout the year 2014″



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