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Macron candidate: protected Holland to potential rival for 2017 – BFMTV.COM

It traces its route. Only. Emmanuel Macron, the founder of the movement, Running!, announce Wednesday his candidacy to the presidential election of 2017, announced his entourage at BFMTV on Tuesday. The formalization will put an end to a false suspense that lasts for months, ever since he slammed the door of the government on the 30 August.

falling outside of the primary to the left, his nomination promises to come siphoning off of votes to the one who will be chosen by the socialist Party and its allies to carry their colors in front of the French. It grid also the courtesy to the president of the Republic François Hollande, who will announce in December if it is a candidate for his re-election. A final blow of the dagger against the one he has for a time been the protected, and judged now to have been “betrayed with method”.

> Recruited to the Elysée palace by Hollande

It is thanks to François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron will discover the gold of the Elysee palace. The president, who met a few years previously at a dinner at the home of Jacques Attali, the fact of returning to the day after his election. May 15, 2012, which was previously a managing partner at the Bank Rothschild was appointed at 34 years old, deputy secretary general of the presidency of the Republic.

He slides his ideas to the head of State. “Macron, it is the public enemy. It is he who imposes the ideological line, it is he who has the ear of the president,” lamented a close to the minister of productive Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg. During his departure from the Elysée palace because of a promotion at the ministry of Economy, François Hollande would have joked about Emmanuel Macron: “the tax increases, it is him!”. Because it is the mandarin that would have suggested the CICE and the pact of responsibility to businesses.

> Promoted to minister, it puts the executive in the lurch

On August 26, 2014, Emmanuel Macron was promoted to minister of the Economy, in favour of the blaring resignation of Arnaud Montebourg. He has never been elected, is not a member of the PS and symbolizes, for the slingers of the PS, the “new-line-social-liberal” government. A Bercy, he took his act “for activity, growth and equal economic opportunities”, the so called loi Macron. But most importantly, it connects the outputs and transgressions. It attacks the totems of the left – 35 hours, the staff regulations of officials… – sowing the seeds of discord in the majority, and forcing the executive to clarify his position.

> Always the government, he founded “power up!”

But Emmanuel Macron is carried by a strong popularity that the president of the Republic, still low in the polls, can only envy. For its part, the press is making a sort of “Macron-mania”, the minister chaining the covers of magazines. Finally, it is relatively cropped, and there is no question of separating from the minister star, while others have been removed from the government for less than that.

Even when he always pushes a little further provocations. The 6 April 2016, still minister of Economy, he announced the creation of his own political movement “transpartisan”, “working!”, but is defended from all ambition élyséenne to 2017. “This is not a movement to have yet another candidate in addition to the presidential, this is not my priority today. My priority is the situation in the country,” he says.

In July, it held the first meeting in paris in its movement. Two days later, during the presidential intervention as of July 14, François Hollande, the call to order. “There are rules to follow” when we are in the government: “solidarity, team spirit, be full-time in his task,” ( ) and “to serve until the end”, without “personal approach and even less presidential”. “To meet these rules, it is remain in the government, do not respect them, it is not to remain in the government”, the crops the head of State.

> He resigns, Hollande feels “betrayed with method”

Emmanuel Macron is preparing his resignation, which will take place on the 30th of August, in the greatest secrecy. The head of State is made aware that a few hours before: the minister will phone the same day to announce to him his intention of slamming the door.

His departure is a hard blow to the head of the State: the government is suddenly deprived of his most popular, which could have been used to attract categories of voters that Hollande fails to achieve. More importantly, his former protégé is now a potential rival, which could prove to be very dangerous, capable of siphoning a large number of votes if he decided to represent himself. And while three of its former ministers have announced their candidacy for the presidential – Arnaud Montebourg, Benoît Hamon, Cecile Duflot – François Hollande, is stuck to his right as his left. “He has betrayed me with method,” said the head of State at a dinner of the majority.

> Macron candidate before Holland

The founder of the movement, Running!, that finally comes to detailing his or her program in a long interview to Obs, will declare officially on Wednesday morning, in Bobigny, france. Grilling and politeness to the president of the Republic, which must declare in December.

Extremely isolated and weakened since the publication of the book A president should not say this…, François Hollande, has downplayed the impact that could have this decision for himself, during an interview on France 24, TV5Monde and RFI. “What counts is not my person, it is the country”, said the head of the State, for which “the issue, it is the gathering, it is the cohesion”, the left could not be at the “rendez-vous” 2017 “if it is not collected”.


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