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Presidential : why the rocket Macron takes off today – The Obs

The Open secret is no longer a secret at all. Seven months after the launch of his movement, Running !, three months after his departure from government, Emmanuel Macron will announce this Wednesday, November 16, at 10: 30, his candidacy in the presidential election. The place and time were carefully chosen.

The place, first. The former minister of Economics, will speak from the university campus, trades and business in Bobigny, france. A learning center to emphasize its dual priority, the employment and the youth, as he had done in the “Obs” last week, dedicating the first ad of its program to these two themes. Which is in Seine-Saint-Denis, a breeding ground of non-voters and disappointed at the hollandisme, two categories that particularly relates to the neo-candidate.

Macron unveiled his program : “More flexibility, more flexibility,”

The moment, then. Macron the forged : “My choice will not be determined by the outside.” Under-heard : he does not wait to know the outcome of the primaries of the right and the left to be positioned. In fact, he declares a few days before the first round of the primary of the right, and grid at the same time the politeness to François Hollande, which will announce its own choice at the beginning of December.

A true political party

so Here is Emmanuel Macron aligned on the starting line of the presidential race. For the first time at the age of 38 only. Him that, there are less than five years, held the obscure post of deputy secretary-general of the Elysee, to endorse today the light clothes of présidentiable. If his candidacy was certain for a few weeks, it was not always so. On the contrary. For a long time, nobody saw it coming, or didn’t want to believe it.

When “Obs” title, march 3, 2016, “The rocket Macron, his secret plan for 2017″, the reactions are doubtful. The person does not confirm, and there is doubt in the halls of power. Any hellion that he is, and how the protégé of Holland could he kill the father ? A “father” who, precisely, is reassured at the beginning of April, a few days before the launch of the movement macroniste. His foal to him says that he is not going to create a simple digital platform for citizen mobilization. This will always serve to the outgoing chairman, when the time came.

The rocket Macron : his secret plan for 2017

On April 6, in his hometown of Amiens, yet it is a real political formation as lance Emmanuel Macron. It relies of course on an internet site, but its articles are those of a party, in the classical sense of the term. The two associations are created : one for campaign, the other to collect donations. As does every candidate.

A resignation pending

the minister of The Economy, that he is always playing his personal card, and everyone understands it a bit. Several polls are even starting to test the intentions of voting on it. And they are not thin. Of what continue to fuel the chronic, which expands also to the extent that his statements violating the sacrosanct solidarity government. To the point that the question is no longer whether he will resign but when.

The bloodhounds are on the ranks. “Mediapart” the announcement on 10 June, and “Le Canard enchaîné” on 12 July. Las, nothing happens on the first date, but the tenant of Bercy is organising its first mass meeting in Paris during the second. The Maison de la Mutualité, he does not announce anything, but will be able to measure its popularity. The room is full, which will repeat with each new public meeting.

people close to The president, who is now, warn the Elysée. But the head of State remains of marble. The one with which it maintains a relationship of quasi subsidiary may not turn against him, he thinks again. When Macron him personally, share the assumption of a departure, on 29 August last year, Hollande still refuses to believe it. The same Macron will be giving up yet… the next day !

An application built

This is now his desire to be present that is open to debate, but his ability to be able to do it. Each time the application is evoked, his opponents did not fail to shake the red rag of a new April 21. He presents his diagnosis of the state of France during three meetings in October, his critics never fail to emphasize its lack of program.

During this time, Macron trace its route, it continues its forward march. And answers point by point. A new 21 April ? “Without me, the left is eliminated for sure in the second round,” he replied. Its absence of a program ? It is currently in the process of announcing it, pan by pan.

“The elephants of the PS do not want to see what’s happening around Macron, as they did not want to see this as it was happening around the Royal in 2006″, analyse-it in March !. In fact, now weighted to nearly 100,000 members and 3 million of donations, it enters a presidential campaign. The unknown, now, no longer concerned that the score that he produced.

Julien Martin


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