Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The eight good news that will bring joy to the Ardennes – The Union

1 Last line right for the A304

The western branch of the ” Y ” of the ardennes will soon not be an arlésienne. Waited for a quarter of a century, the motorway section between Charleville and Belgium finally sees the end of the tunnel : by the end of 2017, the 31 kilometres of dual carriageway between Francheville and Rocroi will be completed. This route will not only to 130 km/h, but also free, because it is not granted. On the 23 communes crossed, more than 50 works of art have largely seen the light of day, including the famous viaduct of the Sormonne (193 meters long). This massive project, whose final cost will exceed the 480 million euros (instead of the 330 originally planned), has also offered work to an army of employees : the site represented 313 direct jobs by the end of 2014, and 244 in 2015.

2 The law society which will change everything

On a road map, it is only 3.3 km. But this axis, which is expected to be completed current 2018, will be a revolution for the movement in Charleville-Mézières. The bar of connection between the N43 and the A304 will remove some traffic from Charleville. For the county council, which funds the bar, the heavy weight coming from the North and West of the Ardennes should not approach the city. Of The Evil-Camped at the junction of Nouzonville-Belval, stretch, estimated at 24 million euros, will be two-time track and limited to 90 km/h. in Addition to the evacuation of the city, the bar is a godsend, in terms of locations, for economic projects. The most prominent example : Leclerc wants to install a new hyper, a few hundred meters from the highway, with a drive, a service station, two restaurants and a hotel of 40 rooms. Cost of this operation, which could break ground in 2020 : € 23 million.

3 Amazon made in Ardennes

The information published a few days ago in The Ardennes has not gone unnoticed : while the american firm has decided to settle in the outskirts of Amiens, the construction of its future warehouse has been entrusted to the group of the ardennes in Urano. The challenge and size : companies Urano and Bémaco, directed by Pascal and Jeremy Urano, must wrestle with and then build, by the spring of 2017, a center of 107, 000 m 2 . The opening is scheduled for September 2017, with 500 CDI key. For the group of the ardennes, this contract qualified as ” significant “ is 195, 000 hours of work.

4 The digital sector of the future

The Ardennes, which department connected. There have been pioneers, such as Isics, which notably created Footeo, platform used by approximately 20 000 clubs of football, in fifteen countries. And then there are the ” new kids “, as A-zero-A, which prepares a mobile application dedicated to the tourism of the ardennes.The idea is to offer media content to enrich the tourism offer, by sending notifications to the user as soon as he passes near a place of interest. In another genre, one might cite the case of Multimalin, a firm created by Mathieu Protin, a former school teacher. His method of learning multiplication tables, including online videos, is doing around the world. 27 000 methods have been sold since the creation of the company, in France but also in Japan, the United States, etc

5 Culture : somewhere over the Rimbaud

The Rimbaud museum has experienced a re-opening a little laborious, but today, the figures are incontestable. At the end of October, we had recorded no less than 22 700 visitors. Not far from the record, this is still, room for improvement : next year, the world festival of puppet theatres should still booster attendance. The Collections are regularly renewed, construction and museography finally completed, team enthusiastic: and if all the ingredients of the cocktail were combined ?

6 Basketball : Flames

and the star shine Charleville-Mézières is a town of basketball, able to attract 7 000 people to the Savings bank Arena, on three meetings ? Yes ! It must be said that the spectators are spoiled… The Flames are 2 es in a women’s League, and for the time first and undefeated in Eurocoupe, while the players of Cédric Heitz (four victories in five meetings with the Pro (B) are not in rest. Also 2 of their championship, they are like Flames, and their six international mop this week, the picnic with forecasts, thanks to an iron defense and a spectacular game. Conducted by the darlings of the public, the Blue Amel Bouderra (at the club since 2007) and the leader of the icelandic Martin Hermannsson, incredible find, the teams of the ardennes are part of the top of the basket.

7 Football : you will have to rely on Price

In the shade, the CSSA, to be prey to doubts and red lantern from the National. In the light, Prix-lès-Mézières, a surprising co-leader in CFA 2. The story is great for the team led by Farid Fouzari, promoted in the 5th division and still in the lead after eight days of the championship (only one defeat). Whether the Small-Wood (Charleville-Mézières) or Pottery (Prices), “Green and Black” surf on the momentum of last season, which had seen them beat all the records in the honors Division. Can they string together a new rise ? Impossible to predict, but the adventure pirisienne never ends to amaze.

8. For the design, the union makes the force

And if, for some companies, the future was by design? It is the lens that has led to the creation of the Bulge design industries (ADI), which brings together ten companies and private individuals. It is a hub of complementary businesses, that can master from A to Z on the design and production of design objects. In early 2016, the companies of the group have weighed, all the same, jobs for 360 people and 35 million euros of turnover.

ADI had already been taken to work with prestigious partners such as Taittinger or Hermes. Opening up new horizons, particularly in export markets, this activity, rather the top of range is a chance for the sustainability of businesses. Declination ardennes Made in France, the local design aims high, particularly in the luxury sector.


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