Wednesday, November 16, 2016

DIRECT. Watch the press conference of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet – Franceinfo

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16: 07 : Here are the main titles :

The employees of the news channel i-Télé voted in favour of the resumption of work, unanimously, less two abstentions. They put an end to an engagement of a month.

The French Thomas Pesquet has given his last press conference before his departure for the international space Station tomorrow. the “I don’t realize yet that it will soon take off”, he said from Baikonur.

After months of campaigning,Emmanuel Macron has formalized his candidacy for the presidential election, in a speech in Bobigny, france.

• the Third day of the trial of the death of Fiona. His mother and father-in-law are interviewed on the events that led to the tragedy.

15: 49 : @anonymous The Soyuz will take off tomorrow at 21h20, Paris time, from the base of Baikonur (Kazakhstan). The crew is made up of the French Thomas Pesquet, therefore, the American Peggy Whitson and Russian Oleg Novitsky. At 20: 30, you will be able to follow the operations live on the site of the Cnes.

15h38 : at what time needs to take off Thomas Pesquet tomorrow ?

15: 16 : The French Thomas Pesquet take off tomorrow night for the international space Station. Before him, nine French people have travelled into space, among which Jean-Loup Chrétien, and Claudie Haigneré, who have marked the history. Check out the predecessors of Thomas Pesquet in this slide show.


14h16 : note that the window I’m talking about is very clean, you hardly notice the glare. Oh, a little to the right.


14h18 : The astronauts spoke in front of an audience fed of journalists. They had to talk behind a window, because they are placed in quarantine until the departure. Even their relatives do not have the opportunity to embrace, to say goodbye.

14h17 : “It is a step on this road of exploration. I think it is in the nature of man to go further and further (…). The space Station has 18 years old, hardly the age of majority. It is necessary that it continues. Wants to return to the Moon in a more permanent manner, we all March in the viewfinder, at maturity of twenty years.”

The spationaut Thomas Pesquet will blast off with Russian Oleg Novitsky and American Peggy Whitson. During this press conference, they are accompanied by their lining, which can replace prior to take-off in case of trouble.

14.15 : “I have a card game, a dice game and is full of stories to tell.”

The spationaut Thomas Pesquet is in a press conference at the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan), on the eve of his departure for the international space Station. He has already planned to look after during the journey.

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