Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Marine Le Pen opens HQ campaign in the same street as the Élysée palace, Le Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – The president of the Front national has also presented the logo of his campaign : a pink horizontal blue and without thorns.

She dared. Marine Le Pen, president of Front national, has inaugurated its HEADQUARTERS in countryside on Wednesday, in Paris, at 262 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Located at two steps from the Arc de Triomphe, the offices, spread over two floors, are installed on a main artery leading directly to the Palace of the Elysee. It has also indicated that the address was only “1.7 km of the Elysée”. The wink is totally assumed by the candidate to the presidential election and its teams. “This will make the removal easier in may,” plays Jean-Michel Dubois, the treasurer of the campaign who discovered the place after having visited other addresses from the “golden triangle”. This district of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, has also been chosen for its accessibility from Nanterre, where the seat of the FN. Inside, the decoration, to the dominant “navy blue”, is the choice of the president. “This HQ is perfectly to my image” she confided in her revealing also the logo of his presidential campaign.

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Remained a secret until the last minute, it is also a subversive: a pink horizontal blue and without thorns wife of the slogan “Navy Chair”. “Thorns”, we left for the socialists,” says the candidate in recognizing the image of the tip ready to aim at his target. She had imagined this symbol several months ago. Double symbol since the pink and blue color refer to the cleavage left-right to which the president of the FN no longer believes. Grab it today, promising to embody a “new world” policy where the “patriots” are invited to speak out against the “globalists”, is a double provocation that elicits many smiles in the ranks frontistes. Gilbert Collard sees as a “sword” in this rose without thorns. But when asked how he would respond to the socialists if they were to decide suddenly to protest against “the outrage”, the deputy of the Gard replied: “I would advise them simply to go to tak e classes in horticulture”.

Coincidence or not of the calendar, at the same time, Emmanuel Macron launched his candidacy in the name of “democratic revolution”. But Marine Le Pen has largely mitigated the threat. She said that she was not to fear the “applicant banks” and doubting highly its ability to embody the renewal policy.

” photos and works diverted to the colors of the candidate:

A démisuse of a work of Banksy, artist haé for migrants.

A diversion of a work of Banksy, an artist committed to the migrants.

Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein.

Brigitte Bardot, égérie frontiste.

Brigitte Bardot, muse frontiste.


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