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2016: a little more of a residence permit with the arrival of refugees – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – A bit more of a residence permit with the arrival of refugees, a little less visas in the wake of the attacks: the ministry of the Interior announced Monday, the immigration figures 2016.

- The immigration increases?

France has issued 227.500 residence permits last year, up 4.6%. A volume is “fairly modest” and in line with previous years, it was argued to the ministry of the Interior, highlighting the impact of refugees on the balance sheet 2016: the titles “humanitarian” have increased by 41% to 33.000 about.

at the same time labour migration has remained modest, at 22.600 securities, even if this represents an increase of 9.4%.

The main reason for admission to residence remains the family’s immigration, which fell 2.3% to 88.000 securities.

Beware, however: the family reunification stricto sensu (about foreigners in a regular situation in the last 18 months), represents only a small share of the total (it was of the order of 11.500 in 2015, the figures for 2016 are not yet known). The bulk of the entries for French bringing their families, which have generated about 49,000 titles.

Some 70.300 securities “students” were issued, a figure that is almost stable, which places France in the third rank of the destinations university in the world and “in the first rank outside English-speaking countries”.

- What about the adjustments?

In the wake of the circular Valls” of November 2012, the”admission exceptional stay” has stabilized in the last year, to 29,000 in securities (-0,9%).

After the resorption of the “stock” in 2013 and 2014, adjustments are made for economic reasons (over 6,000 titles) but especially family (23.000).

- And the expulsions?

The topic is sensitive, to the approach of the presidential election: the right and the far right accuse the government of being lax on renewals at the border.

the ministry of The Interior puts forth the indicators deemed “most representative”: forced returns, outside the european Union, which amounted last year to 6,200 people (-2,3%) — to Albania, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia mainly.

More broadly, the total of removals of illegal aliens declined by 16.3%, to 13,000 approximately.

“however, This is not a release, but in the context of reinstatement of border controls”, which is translated as “45.000 non-admissions”, it is argued to be the Interior.

“Of removals, including difficult, to the Sudan or Iraq, which have taken place” (after verification that the person did not risk persecution), is there shown.

The attacks were-they weighed?

on The side of visas, a decrease of 3.8% (3.1 million) was recorded. China remains the main country of origin (716.000 visas, down 13.2%).

It is necessary to see in this decline, “the effect of the attacks on” jihadists of November 2015, which “weighed heavily on the choice of a number of visitors,” is there indicated, stating that “demand has picked up in the end of the year”.

- How many naturalizations?

Inside, of French nationality, has been attributed to 89.000 additional people last year, of which 68.000 by decree and 21,000 by marriage. This is an increase of 2.5%.

- And the asylum seekers?

The Interior has confirmed the increase of 6.5%, to 85,000, applications registered to the Ofpra (French Office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons).

But it was for the first time given the number of requests to the prefecture, where we begin the procedure: 97.300 have been registered last year (taking this as a basis, the increase is 20%).

this total of 22,500 applications were from individuals already registered in another european country, theoretically responsible for the file, the title of the ‘Dublin’ procedure — and first and foremost Germany.

No minors (or the reviews), the main countries of origin of applicants were the Sudan (5.900 cases), Afghanistan (5.600), Haiti (4.900), Albania (5.600) and Syria (3.600). But with the minors it is Albania, yet classified as a “country of origin” safe”, which arrives at the head.

Finally, France has hosted 5.700 people in the framework of european programmes and the “visa for asylum”, specific to france, has been issued to 1,500 Syrians, and 1,700 Iraqis about in the consulates.


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