Sunday, January 8, 2017

Accident because in Saône-et-Loire : 4 dead and 24 wounded, according to a new report – The Parisian

Qf our people have died and 24 others were injured in a bus accident early this Sunday morning, in the Saône-et-Loire, on the RN79, near the viaduct, Charolles. According to this preliminary assessment, three of the 24 injured are in a state of absolute emergency and was transported between hospitals in Macon and Paray-le-Monial.

A passenger who was in cardiac arrest upon arrival of rescue was able to be revived.

The bus was travelling in the direction of Mâcon-Moulins and was carrying a quarantine of Portuguese nationals, all adults, who were in Switzerland, according to the information site online Creusot-Infos, citing the cabinet of the Prefect.

The alert was given shortly before 4: 30. The vehicle fell below the national the famous RCEA (Route Centre Europe and the Atlantic), deemed to dangerous, off the road, probably due to the ice storm.

Nearly 75 firefighters have been mobilized on the scene of the accident, with thirty vehicles, as well as of the teams of the SMUR. To treat the injured lighter, an advanced medical post was established in a PMU Bar of Charolles.

The prefect of the Saône-et-Loire Gilbert Payet visited the site, as the Prosecutor of the Republic of Mâcon. He said that the services will now proceed with the evacuation of the bus and aim at re-establishing the circulation.

The prefecture of the Saône-et-Loire has also asked the inhabitants of the department not to take the road because the sidewalks for ice control.

The Interior minister Bruno Le Roux expressed his “very deep emotion” and sent its condolences to the families of the victims. It calls the drivers “the absolute respect of traffic rules and basic instructions of caution.”

This is the road accident is the deadliest in France since the march 29, 2016, where twelve Portuguese nationals were killed in the collision of a van transformed into a minibus and a weight heavy on this same RCEA, but in the Allier.

Since Saturday, the ice storm is the cause of many accidents.

Aisne, one person died and two others were seriously injured in an accident involving two vehicles on the A4 motorway, Épieds (Aisne), in the sense Reims-Paris. “A vehicle with five people on board has made several barrels and another car has rammed”, according to the gendarmes. According to the fire department, this accident is ” related to the ice storm and at a speed not adapted to the weather conditions “. In the early evening Saturday, the fire fighters in this department dénombraient ten other accidents without serious injuries.

This Sunday morning, Bison Futé recorded accidents on the’34 to Taissy (Marne), on theto 4 in the direction of Strasbourg to Saint-Privat-la-Montagne (Moselle), on the’31 in the direction of Luxembourg to Thionville (Moselle), and that at Colombey-les-Belles (Meurthe et Moselle), in Atton (Meurthe and Moselle).

an accident involving A vehicle in the direction of Germany to Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) disrupts the circulation on theA36.

A little further north, on theA1, in the direction of Lille to Conchy-les-Pots in the Oise, an accident involving several vehicles neutralizes the three lanes of traffic.

in Neufchâtel-Hardelot (pas-de-Calais), on the A 16, in the free Boulogne-Amiens, a man aged forty years was killed Sunday about 6 o’clock when he lost control of his vehicle, which was violently embedded in a wall separating two toll plazas. An investigation has been opened by the members of the platoon motorized A16 to elucidate the exact circumstances of the accident.

Saturday 25 departments were placed in vigilance snow and ice storm by Météo-France over a vast area ranging from the Hauts-de-France Is passing by the Rhone-Alps, two people were seriously injured and eight were lightly in an accident involving six vehicles and linked to the ice on the A13 near Rouen. In the department of the North, due to the ice storm, there have been twenty accidents of the movement, essentially “leave the road because of the slick roads”, with no serious injuries reported and the fire brigade.


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