Friday, January 13, 2017

Arnaud Montebourg in “stand-up” in a shopping street of Bordeaux – The Point

“who is It ? He is an actor ?” asks a woman passing by in the main shopping street of Bordeaux : it is Arnaud Montebourg, candidate for the primary organized by the PS, which made Friday a “stand-up” to explain his program and answer questions.

For this first “stand-up” of this primary, the name of such catch words impromptu in public places already practiced by Arnaud Montebourg at the previous primary PS, he answered a dozen questions from onlookers.

foreign Policy, union of the left, economic and social problems, discrimination : the lawyer is loaned to the game of questions in front of some 200 people, who came to do their shopping in the rue Sainte-Catherine, the longest shopping street into a pedestrian in Europe. Applause punctuated some of the answers, especially on the banks.

“It touches a lot of people, when I look around me, I find all the social categories, people who stop, who remain or do not remain, and who listen to the word and that can (…) assess the person as it really is”, a delighted Alain, 62 years of age, who is this year “brave”. ?

In a dark coat and scarf grey, Arnaud Montebourg, was supported on a series of slogans inscribed on a large panel behind him, outlining his program. Microphone in one hand, he pointed with the other “telework”, “the ecological transition”, “the sixth Republic”, etc.

“This is a useful exercise because you can see what the French want us to say, with the candidate that they have on hand. For me, it is to maintain the link of trust between the French, being on an equal footing, of equal to equal,” he explained to the many reporters present.

“This is an opportunity, finally, to refer to all those to whom the policy is still far away,” said the former Economy minister.

at the end of this “meeting” of streets, that it must be renewed at Lille, and Marseille after the next debate of the primary, many people of all ages came out to greet him, take pictures.

“I think it may be a way to be more close to people, because there are a lot of people who do not move not in a meeting room, so I find that this is not a bad idea”, thought it was Eileen Isnard, Saujon (Charente-maritime).

13/01/2017 19 :47 :56 – Bordeaux, france (AFP) – © 2017 AFP


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