Saturday, January 14, 2017

DIRECT. Ten departments Is still orange alert snow and ice – Franceinfo

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10h13 : Champagne-Ardenne, 500 homes still had no electricity, they were 400 in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Lorraine.

10: 12 : Still 35 000 households remain without electricity this morning, according to the manager of the electricity distribution network Enedis. The Normandie and the Picardie region remain the most affected regions, with, for each, 16 000 households still affected.

09h48 : It is cold on the hexagon, but not only. In Martinique, the temperatures are also low for the season, relays Martinique 1st. Good, cold in Martinique, these are temperatures below 20 degrees…

09.45 : Among your regional dailies, Le Républicain Lorrain devotes his a at the arrival welcome to the snow. Good news for the ski resorts of the Vosges.

Le Républicain Lorrain

09h24 : It’s still snowing very strong, Bilieu (Isère).

09h24 : The Isère is part of the departments placed in vigilance orange. In the comments, you notify us of the snow in this department. The authorities recommend that the most extreme caution on the roads.

10: 12 : “Try to be attentive to all the devices of everyday life that are idle and that will draw the electricity on the grid. As soon as EDF will need to provide us with electricity in those peak times, he will have to go buy it on a market and it will cost up to 50 times more expensive than in a normal time.”

A wave of cold is expected next week in France. The production of energy and electricity is going to be highly sought-after, explains on franceinfo this morning, Patrice Geoffron.

09h11 : On the north-eastern quarter of the country up to the Massif central, Limousin and Rhone-Alpes region, the weather will remain stormy and cold with snow up in the plains. On the Pyrenees, the sky will remain cloudy and light rain showers will occur throughout the day. The Channel and the west of the Hauts-de-France Ile-de-France, Centre, Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées, the weather will be more variable, with alternating sunny spells and clouds, sometimes some rain showers. The detail on our dedicated page. Here are the cards of the day.

This morning :

This afternoon :

09h08 : It starts with a weather report. The temperatures are falling. Cover yourself and stay warm !

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10h13 : Here are the main news headlines at nine o’clock.

• Some 35 000 households are still without electricity in the north of France. At the same time, the ten departments of the East are always in vigilance orange snow and ice.

If the peak of the flu is exceeded in some regions, it was to be achieved in other regions in the days to come. Is it possible to do to overcome this epidemic ? The answer in this article.

• The return to calm is hoped to Côte d’ivoire, after a final agreement has been found, yesterday evening, between military mutineers and the government of côte d’ivoire.

• As the face of Brazilian, lesExperts have not trembled in the face of the Japanese during their second game of the World : they have largely dominated the meeting (19-31).

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