Thursday, January 12, 2017

FRANCE 2017-Hidalgo denounced the”immense waste of the quinquennium” – Boursorama


 PARIS, January 12 (Reuters) - The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo denounces, in an interview with the World published on Thursday, "the huge mess of the quinquennium," and reaffirms its support for Vincent Peillon a few hours before the first televised debate between the seven candidates in the primary of the socialist Party for the presidential election. "According to me, there are three people responsible for the huge mess of the quinquennium, which ends : (head of State) François Hollande, who has decided on the policy to drive, Emmanuel Macron, who has been his counsellor, and the inspirer of a way of thinking which has greatly fractured the left, and the ex-Prime minister) Manuel Valls," stressed the municipal official socialist. "This last has brought an assertive vision up to support, with the president of the Republic, the deprivation of nationality", she adds. "It is not possible for me." As to the ex-minister of Economics and candidate of the movement "power up!", Emmanu   el Macron, he is "the incarnation of the social reproduction of elites." "It is a very inward-looking, centralised, colbertist. I have seen in his daily work or a modernity that I would be amazed, nor a democracy, which would give me confidence," she adds. "The wake-up may be difficult for those who believe in it !" In the columns of the World, the mayor of Paris reaffirms its support for Vincent Peillon, who created the surprise on the 11th of last December, in announcing his candidacy, a few days after the decision of François Hollande not to run for second mandate. "There was a lack in this primary, before his nomination," says Anne Hidalgo. "There was no expression of the social-democracy that it embodies and in which I recognize myself." "The art of the synthesis of François Hollande was to stifle the conflict and find ways out that don was not the problems", she adds. "Vincent Peillon, on the contrary, the desire to be at a balance point, to show that the socialist Party can    bring to democracy." The question of whether she would support the winner of the primary whatever it is, she responds : "I don't feel indebted to anyone, I've never been in stables and I have my freedom. I hope that Vincent will win." The primary of the "Beautiful people's alliance", organized by the PS will be held on 22 and 29 January. Seven candidates will compete for the investiture of the left for the presidential election which will be held 23 April and 7 may next : Manuel Valls, Arnaud Montebourg, Benoît Hamon, Vincent Peillon, Sylvia Pinel, François de Rugy and Jean-Luc Bennahmias. (Marine Pennetier, edited by Pierre Serisier) 

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