Monday, January 9, 2017

Gérard Collomb furious after the decline of its allowances at 4000 euros – Le Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – The senator-mayor of Lyon, which has seen its members ‘ allowances decrease because of absenteeism, protested against the new rules of procedure of the Senate. It is also feared that this system creates an assembly composed of “apparatchiks”.

The senator-mayor of Lyon, Gérard Collomb, pestilence against the new rules of procedure of the Senate and the fact know. This text obliges the past few months the senators to attend to committee work, votes, solemn and to the sessions of current issues to reach all of their parliamentary salary. This measure, which was implemented in October 2015, has been applied for the first time in may 2016, affecting 14 senators, among whom Gérard Collomb. A device that infuriates the municipal official socialist conducive to the cumulation of mandates, and which saw its revenues decrease because of absenteeism.

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a Senator since 1999, the mayor of Lyon since 2001 and chairman of the city of lyon since 2015, Gérard Collomb, cannot meet all of the requirements of the new rules of the Senate. And complained openly to a journalist from the Point: “My revenues are capped, I’m not touching nothing, as the mayor of Lyon and president of the metropolis, I am therefore fallen to 4000 euros per month”. A decrease in income, which, according to Gérard Collomb, looks like “a real nightmare”. To justify them, the elected, argues that”one does not know from one week to the next when will the votes solemn”. “Impossible in these conditions to organize a calendar,” he continued.

“It is a statement clumsy and unfortunate totally out of context”

In the entourage of the municipal official, unwavering support of Emmanuel Macron, attempts are yet to extinguish the fire that broods on the social networks. “Gérard Collomb has pronounced this phrase in an informal discussion, in a discussion with journalists. It is a statement clumsy and unfortunate totally out of context”, said.

beyond the only controversy over the salary of the elected, this is not the first time that the senator-mayor defends the status of “cumulard”. “In these conditions, there will soon be no more as a senator that bad, the apparatchiks of the political parties and the pensioners”, he says, according to The Point. Gérard Collomb is a long-standing, favorable to the accumulation of mandates and advocate for the territorial communities are better represented in the Senate, to the image of the German system.

“For him, if the senators are senators and nothing else, the elected representatives of the territories would never be in Paris, and there would be a disconnect between the capital and the rest of the country”, argues in his entourage. Asked by Le Figaro, Gérard Collomb, has not responded to our requests.


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