Monday, January 9, 2017

Legislative : the puzzle of the after Patrick Balkany, Hauts-de-Seine – Paris

Lthe law on non-cumulation of mandates imposed on him to make a choice and the deputy-mayor (LR) of Levallois Patrick Balkany comes to confirm it in black and white in the magazine in the municipality : “I have decided, without a shadow of hesitation, to stay with my family of the heart, that of Levallois “. A decision also dictated by his legal troubles, in a folder that is sprawling with seven indictments… His pre-inauguration, before the summer, had generated an uproar. And his attempt to impose his former parliamentary attaché, a dismal failure, the latter being ineligible because of his professional activity.

today, the seat of the 5e district of the Hauts-de-Seine (Clichy-Levallois) is especially coveted. A real headache for The Republicans, the national commission of the investiture meets this week. Remains to be seen whether the case of this thorny constituency gained the right will be decided, while French prime minister François Fillon, who is now in the running for the presidential election, look closely at the situation. A survey has even been carried out on Saturday to measure the reputation of the suitors.

The Republicans go up to adouber the opponent’s local mp outgoing ?

Arnaud de Courson (LP/O. B.)

Among them, the opponent of Patrick Balkany and advise departmental (DVD) Arnaud de Courson. His feats of arms : to be beaten in dissent Isabelle Balkany, the cantonal 2011, and then the tandem Sylvie Ramond – Loïc Leprince Ringuet in the county of 2015. It promises to also be a candidate, with or without investiture. Republicans go up to adouber the opponent’s local mp outgoing ? The one they have until now refused the card of the party ? “Not as long as it sits in the opposition of the municipal council “, loose a frame LR. “I’m the only one to incarnate the breakdown, writes Arnaud de Courson. And I do not think that a false nose of the mayor, be a current deputy or a former candidate can adequately represent the inhabitants of Clichy and Levallois “.

François-Xavier Bieuville (DR.)

The chosen one refers to the other two contenders levalloisiens : François-Xavier Bieuville, deputy in charge of the evaluation of public policies, and Loïc Leprince-Ringuet. The first seems to be in a very bad position : in addition to its lack of fame, the entourage of François Fillon evokes a no-go for any candidate close to the mayor. As for the second, referent Fillon during the primary, it could represent an alternative consensus. “I’m the one that carries the values and the program of François Fillon, the one that will turn the page to Levallois and gather all the lines “, ensures the person concerned.

Loïc Leprince-Ringuet (O. B.)

And Clichy in all of this ? The second largest city in the district seems to be reduced to figuration. In fact, only the inhabitants of Paris were consulted for the survey. And no candidate Clichois had the honor to see his name pronounced. Two deputies of the mayor (LR) Rémi Muzeau have yet made application : Stéphane Cochepain, in charge of finance, and Patrice Pinard, in charge of security. “Both would make excellent mps, gliding Rémi Muzeau. But the argument of the party is relentless : we have 11 000 voters less than Levallois “.


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