Friday, January 13, 2017

Loire-Atlantique : an 8 year old child dies drowned in a bathtub after being tortured – Franceinfo

A small boy of 8 years died from drowning in the bathtub of the family apartment, Wednesday, at Saint-Herblain in the Loire-Atlantic, according to France Bleu Loire Ocean. His mother and the companion of the latter, are suspected of murder and acts of torture and barbarity leading to death. Placed in police custody, they have been presented to a judge Friday, January 13, in view of their indictment.

on Wednesday, the couple has called himself the relief, explaining that the little boy had drowned in the bathtub. The police were alerted by the emergency services.

The child had traces of ties on his wrists and ankles and the ropes were found in the apartment. It would be a punishment, apparently for a reason is futile. The mother explained the be punished because it would have eaten candy while he was a diabetic. Previously, the child would have also had to do squats for an hour, before being struck. The little boy was regularly a victim of violence of the same type. In this matter, the prosecutor of the Republic speaks of a “climate of persecution“.

The little boy had come to the end of the summer of Côte d’ivoire. The violence lasted apparently since his arrival. Two other children lived in the apartment, a three year old and a baby of 18 months who, themselves, do not present traces of violence. Both have been placed by the child welfare (ASE).

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