Friday, January 13, 2017

Primary to the left : the universal income creates a new cleavage – The World

The proposal, driven by Benoît Hamon has been rejected by the other candidates in the primary during the first televised debate.

It was the main theme of the evening of the first debate of the primary from the left. The seven candidates of The Beautiful people’s Alliance will be given details of their proposals in terms of economy and social for more than an hour and a quarter of the approximately two and a half hours of the show. But if all subjects have been swept away, from unemployment to the taxation of households through reductions in charges granted to firms, a theme has seemed to Thursday night, pulling out of the lot : that of the universal income, a proposal flagship Benoît Hamon.

The former minister of national education, which has distinguished itself in this debate by imposing a face-to-face against Manuel Valls, would like to introduce a basic income that could reach up to 750 euros per person, in the long term. If the reserve to the poorest and the young people from 18 to 25 years as a priority, it wishes to extend it in a second time to the entire population.

For the candidate Hamon, the case is heard : the digital revolution and the huge technological changes to come are going to be scarce the work, as the tasks will automate and employment forms are changing. A situation made worse, according to him, by a growth of more soft it would be unrealistic to think that it would regain its pre-crisis levels. the ” it’s been many decades that growth does not come back. We must ask ourselves about the nature of the policies that we put in place “, he explained.

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Repeal of the law work

” I have a conviction : we live in an upheaval never seen before. The way we consume, the work is transformed. (…) It is necessary, for this, turn the page with the old recipes. I want to propose a path where there will be a new pillar for our social protection : the universal income of existence, the ecological transition “, said Mr. Hamon.

” The universal income, it is 400 billion euros. Who will pay for them ? “, is questioned Vincent Peillon, hostile, like Arnaud Montebourg, to this extent. Recurrent, the question of the cost of funding of the universal income for public finances has been swept aside by a brush of the hand by Mr. Hamon. Using an argument he has repeatedly established, he recalled that the social Security appeared, also, impossible to fund at its creation.

not surprisingly, the act work was also presented highlighting the differences that this reform raises within the PS. MESSRS. Hamon and Montebourg say, loud and clear, wanting to repeal the text, in particular because it relaxes the rules relating to dismissal on economic grounds. The deputy of the Yvelines department has cited the example of the backup plan of employment (PSE) to the Voice of The North, which could result in the elimination of 178 positions, in the long term. the ” Non-Benoît Hamon, the act work is not responsible for the social plan to the Voice of North, responded, Thursday evening, on the social network Twitter, the minister of employment, Myriam El Khomri. One of his close collaborators point out that the text did not change the rules applicable to the PSE : ” No new grounds for dismissal have not been introduced. “ In addition, a company, generating a positive result, may engage, for years, a soc ial plan. the ” One of the traditional reasons of economic redundancy, it is the reorganization of the company to safeguard its competitiveness, explains to a magistrate that specializes in labour law. in We do not look at profits and losses, but if the plan decided is necessary so that the company may in the future to remain competitive in its sector. “The thing happened at Danone, in 2001.

In reality, MESSRS. Hamon and Montebourg does not want to make completely clear the table of the law El Khomri. During a meeting organised on 10 January by the Association of journalists of social information (SJIA), the former minister of productive recovery had indicated that some elements, ” interesting ” of the text could be retained. He mentioned in particular the ” right to disconnect “ and ” personal account activity “. Mr. Hamon also hope that these two provisions are kept.

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